A Few More Awesome Examples of Cargotecture Done Right

Shipping container architecture is sweeping the world and capturing the imagination of individuals looking to build their home, business trying to revamp their headquarters, and everyone in between. Below you will find a few great examples of shipping container buildings designed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and functional.

1. Ingenious Shipping Container Office in Tokyo, Japan


This office was built out of two standard-sized repurposed 40-foot shipping containers, which yielded almost 400 square feet of office and gallery space. The containers were cut up and placed back together in very interesting ways. To create the base of this building, a container was first cut into two halves, which were placed perpendicular to each other. This created two small rooms and a central courtyard. The second container was placed over the base and left pretty much in its original state. More details…

2. Casa El Tiemblo (Tiemblo House)


This cool, modern residence was built from six recycled shipping containers and it is located in El Tiemblo, Ávila, Spain, as the name suggests. The shipping containers used were built in such a way as to maximize the interior space, and the finished house measures a sprawling 623 square feet. More details…

3. Artist Studio in Lisbon, Portugal


The building of the Village Underground Lisboa complex is still underway and should open its door in May 2015. The entire structure will be made using 14 repurposed shipping containers, as well as two decommissioned double-decker buses. The containers used were pretty much left in their original state, and, once the building is completed, each will be equipped with five working tables, which will be available for rent by startups, artists, and other creatives. More details…

4. Snoozebox Hotel


This unique structure is actually a portable hotel, and what better way to build such a hotel than by using shipping containers. This portable hotel can be ready to houseguests within 48 hours of being shipped to a certain location. Not much has been done to alter the shipping containers’ basic form, and each contains 4 small rooms, and a bathroom. The best part of this ready-made hotel is that the units can just be loaded onto a truck and transported to anywhere in the world. More details…

5. Upcycle House


Upcycle House is made from two recycled shipping containers, and has a total living area of 1390 square feet. The home rests on a foundation of helical piles, which require no excavation and can also easily be removed should the house be demolished. The shipping containers were well insulated on the outside using Technopor, which is a rigid insulation made from recycled glass bottles instead of foam. In fact, the builders and designers of Upcycle house wanted to build a home using repurposed, recycled and upcycled materials as much as possible, a feat at which they largely succeeded. More details…

6. Manifesto House


This modern home was also designed by Infiniski. It is located in Curacaví, Chile and it was built out of two recycled shipping containers. These were place one on top of the other, and mostly left in their original state, to celebrate their industrial heritage. One side of this home is shaded using repurposed forklift pallets. In the winter these can be opened to maximize solar heat gain via the metal surfaces of the container, while in the summer, the pellets remain closed, thereby keeping the interior cool. More details…

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