A Possible Skyscraper of the Future


The world is becoming overcrowded, and it is estimated that by 2040 the population of NYC will grow by another million. This is definitely a problem that needs solving, which is why Metropolis Mag launched the ‘Living Cities’ design competition. The aim of the competition was for designers and architects to propose plans for a residential tower of 30 to 40 stories. The designs also required the use of an innovative structural steel system. Sustainability, multi-use strategies, lifestyle amenities, and multi-generational design were also required to be a part of the proposal.

The second runner up in the competition was a design for an innovative and interesting skyscraper called New York Tomorrow. It is a slender hybrid residential tower, which is both sustainable and highly digitalized. The entire structure is 420 feet tall, but has only a 400-square-foot footprint.


[source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/jetson_green/~3/oONiTOj1Rjw/a-possible-skyscraper-of-the-future.html]

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