California Dairy Installs Array Technologies Solar Tracking System

Vander Woude Dairy of Merced, California, was looking for a way to decrease operational expenses while providing its business with a sustainable form of power generation. Array Technologies Inc.’s (ATI) customer, local design-build construction firm Pickett Solar, developed a 1.1-MWdc solar tracking array that will produce 100% of the dairy’s electricity needs on a yearly basis, excess production will then be distributed electronically to other electrical services such as agriculture wells. This is made possible through Aggregated Net Metering. Under this new program, businesses with multiple meters no longer require separate solar systems for each meter. Instead, they can now install just one large solar system that will produce credits that can then be applied to other meters.

Array pms [Converted]ATI’s DuraTrack HZ single-axis solar tracker was called upon to provide Vander Woude Dairy with a durable, reliable and proven solution to their energy needs. By design, solar trackers produce more power than fixed-tilt racks during high energy demand periods. The trackers create a ‘shouldering’ effect that delivers a smooth and reliable supply of energy by broadening the bell-curve of electricity supplied each day. In this case, the DuraTrack HZ solar tracking system will provide more energy when Vander Woude Dairy needs it most.

“As an expert in agricultural construction we are eager to provide Pickett Solar with our DuraTrack HZ system,” explained ATI Founder and CEO, Ron Corio. “Their experience and insight into these types of projects will help the Vander Woude Dairy meet and exceed all of their energy goals.”

“With Aggregated Net Metering capped at 1 MW, the ATI tracker is a natural fit for this commercial solar project,” said Mike Pickett, President of Pickett Solar. “After comparing fixed vs. tracker then vetting the available manufacturers, Array Technologies is hands down the best solution for our project.”

— Solar Builder magazine

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