Enersys offers new line of thermally managed outdoor battery bank enclosures

Valutflex enersys

EnerSys offers a complete line of modular, thermally managed VaultFlex outdoor enclosures for telecommunication, cable, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and utility applications. VaultFlex outdoor enclosures provide a selection of heating and cooling options designed to maintain the proper operating temperature for backup battery systems in the most extreme environments. Designed to provide protection from weather and other outdoor conditions, VaultFlex outdoor enclosures help contribute to extended life, reduced maintenance and less frequent replacement of batteries.

VaultFlex outdoor enclosures also include passive ventilation that mitigates hydrogen gas, and are constructed to protect the battery backup system from earthquakes. VaultFlex outdoor enclosures also feature security and intrusion prevention measures including concealed interior door hinges, multi-point captive latching mechanisms and door intrusion alarms that can send a distress signal out in the case of unauthorized or unscheduled entry.

— Solar Builder magazine

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