Exosun Pursues its International Expansion and Opens a Subsidiary in Brazil

Exosun_ExotrackHZ_Vallerargues_solar_plant_2Exosun, major provider of perfected solar tracking technologies and associated engineering support services for utility-scale ground-mounted solar plants, is proud to announce the expansion of its international presence by establishing a subsidiary in Brazil.

Exosun Brazil, based in Salvador (Bahia), is a joint venture between Exosun SAS and Ecoluz Part. SA, a Brazilian group, leader in energy services. The two companies teamed up to offer their clients, international and local EPCs and IPPs, the fastest and most efficient global solutions to maximize solar plant returns. Exosun contributes its know-how in solar tracking and Ecoluz its 27 years of expertise in energy engineering services in Brazil, as well as its local experience in PV plants.

Exosun Brazil will commercialize and supply solar tracking systems, along with engineering support services covering the complete life cycle of a solar plant, from the project design phase up to tracker installation, commissioning, and O&M.

As a fabless company, Exosun also brings its unique ability to transfer its tracker technology to qualified local component manufacturing companies, in order to always deliver on-time with the shortest and most efficient supply chain. Exosun has developed partnerships with Brazilian manufacturers to ensure local high quality production of at least 80% of its tracker value, in full alignment with Brazilian local content expectations. As a result, Exosun Brazil’s customers will be able to benefit from advantageous financing programs set up for the solar industry by the BNDES (Brazilian National Development Bank), including the FINAME.

With this local establishment in collaboration with an experienced Brazilian solar energy specialist, Exosun is now ready to serve the booming Brazilian market which kicked off last year with a first national call for tenders for utility-scale PV projects, totaling 889 MW, followed by a second round of 839 MW in August 2015, and a third before the end of the year.

“In this country with high solar irradiation levels, combined with a strong governmental will to develop renewable energy sources, there is a significant market for solar trackers. It was therefore essential for us to establish a subsidiary in Brazil,” commented Exosun President Frédéric Conchy. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ecoluz, a renowned Brazilian energy efficiency specialist that constructed the first ground-mounted PV plant in Brazil. Together we will be able to optimally serve our customers based in Brazil with advanced solar tracking solutions tailored to their needs.”

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/news/exosun-pursues-its-international-expansion-and-opens-a-subsidiary-in-brazil/]

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