GameChange Racking to Install Carport System at California Church

GameChange Racking today announced that it received an order for the GC Carport System in California to be installed on a large church parking lot. The system was ordered in the standard Y configuration.

GC CarportThe system is a solar PV mounting structure for parking lots which combines rugged design, ease of install and low cost.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking, stated, “Our carport solution is the first cost effective carport in the industry. We have opened the way for many applications of solar PV that were previously closed by making carports an affordable reality. We have carefully prepped our carport debut by undergoing wind tunnel testing with industry leader CPP, making GameChange Carport one of the only wind tunnel tested carports. We provide in-house structural engineering analysis to ensure that our carports and their foundation design are of superior robustness to last the test of time in tough environmental conditions and undergo the high rated wind speed requirements necessary.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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