JinkoSolar’s 1,500-volt Eagle PV module now ready for delivery

1,500-volt systems are coming sooner rather than later, which obviously will require new products. JinkoSolar Holding Co., a global leader in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, is ready with its solution, having just received UL 1703 certification for its 1,500-volt Eagle PV modules. Following this certification, the modules are now immediately available for use in solar installations across North America.

JinkoSolar’s 1500-volt Eagle modules pass potential induced degradation tests at 85 degrees Celsius and 85 percent relative humidity and are protected by DuPont Tedlar PVF film-based backsheets. The Eagle module is a framed panel compatible with commonly used racking and tracking systems in the North America market. DuPont Tedlar is the only backsheet material proven to protect solar panels in the field for more than 30 years in harsh environmental conditions such as desert, jungle, coastal, and mountain climates.

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“I believe that JinkoSolar’s 1500-volt Eagle modules are by far one of the most robust products in the North American market, especially with DuPont Tedlar backsheets,” said Nigel Cockroft, General Manager of JinkoSolar U.S. “These high quality modules are yet another step in our effort to provide customers with the best technology and proven, reliable, and cost-effective products,”

“DuPont Tedlar PVF film-based backsheets offer the optimal balance of weatherability, adhesion and mechanical strength — properties required for long module lifetime. They provide extended durability and electrical insulation, which make them ideal components for JinkoSolar’s 1500-volt Eagle modules, now poised to accelerate the growth of the North American PV market,” said Alex Bradley, Principal Investigator, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions.

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— Solar Builder magazine

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