Krannich Solar Begins Distribution of Silevo Solar Modules

Silevo Inc., a California-headquartered solar cell innovator and photovoltaic (PV) solar module manufacturer, and Krannich Solar, a global leader in the distribution and wholesale of solar products today announced a partnership for Krannich to distribute Silevo’s Triex high performance, high efficiency solar modules in the United States and Europe.

Silevo Single BussBar LandscapeKrannich Solar will be a premier distribution partner for Silevo’s Triex solar modules, distributing Silevo products across the United States and Europe, making Silevo’s modules available to thousands of customers in these regions. The two companies are in the process of planning broader worldwide distribution to other major PV markets.

Silevo’s Triex solar modules offer efficiencies up to 18.5 percent efficiency with an impressive temperature coefficient of -0.27%/°C. Triex modules provide more power output per given area, compared to today’s conventional crystalline silicon c-Si solar modules, which are typically around 14.5 percent efficient. Silevo’s additional output power significantly reduces the overall cost of a solar system by lowering balance of system (BOS) costs, which account for two-thirds of a conventional system’s cost.

“We are pleased to expand Silevo’s market presence with Krannich as they are a top-notch, respected industry leader in the wholesale and distribution segment,” said Aaron Thurlow, vice president of sales and marketing at Silevo. “Krannich understands the value and importance that Silevo products add to further developing the solar market. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

“After evaluating other solutions, we chose Silevo’s Triex solar modules to complement our product portfolio because they offer our customers a multitude of values: high efficiency for space-constrained applications, high performance for greater kilowatt-hour production, and a strong value to maximize ROI,” said Kurt Krannich, owner of Krannich Solar. “Krannich is well-known for taking the lead in promoting new solutions on the market, and we’re pleased to now be offering Silevo’s Triex modules.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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