Last second Christmas gift? ISS looking to sell 1 GW of solar farm projects

Innovative solar systems

Innovative Solar Systems has just released almost 1 Gigawatts of Solar Farm projects to the market for immediate purchase and build out by entities wishing to own quality utility scale solar farms in the U.S. The projects are all over 20 Megawatts in size with the majority of the projects being approximately 80 MW(AC) in size and all having long term 25 Year Purchase Power Agreements with Credit Worthy Utilities.

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Innovative Solar Systems has been a leader in developing large-scale solar farm projects and continues to do so by only designing its projects on near perfect, easy build sites and then only using the best EPC’s in the World to build the companies projects at turn-key pricing of around $1/watt for single axis trackers and all Tier One Equipment.

Many Foreign Solar Companies and Funds are in current negotiations with ISS to not only buy the current portfolio of projects but to also enter into partnership agreements on the company’s current 2017-2018 portfolio of projects that totals over 10 GW’s.

— Solar Builder magazine


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