New-Age Cement Made from Recycled Fly Ash

This news  release from VHSC Cement Company is potentially exciting. Imagine a new cement-like material (add “cementitious” to your vocabulary list) that uses coal fly ash as a raw material. Read the information below about Pozzoslag.

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VHSC Cement Improves Its Game-Changing, Cost Saving Pozzoslag Concrete Product

VHSC Cement, LLC today announced the commercial release of its newest version of Pozzoslag, a revolutionary cementitious material made using coal fly ash as a raw material. With enhanced performance characteristics, including early set times, long term strength and excellent concrete durability, Pozzoslag 1.2 offers industry professionals a more economical alternative to Portland cement in the concrete mix. In addition, customers are able to reduce their chemical additive packages and lower the total amount of cementitious binder material, which provides increased operating profits.

VHSC Cement produces Pozzoslag 1.2 using coal fly ash as a raw material through its patented reactor system, which uses both physical and chemical means to create a new cementitious material. Developed to overcome the early set time issues that have historically hindered the use of higher volumes of fly ash and slag in many applications, this patented treatment system produces materials that are currently being used in ready mix concrete, highways, roads, building foundations and precast and concrete products.

According to Buddy Pike, president of VHSC Cement: “Pozzoslag 1.2 is created using a patented process that was introduced into commercial operations in November of 2012. This new product uses raw fly ash as a base material to produce a cementitious blend of material that meets grade 120 slag strengths based on ASTM 989 testing protocols. Using Pozzoslag® in concrete allows very high durability at routine replacement factors in the 55-65% range.”

David Waxman, a VHSC principal added: “VHSC Cement’s patented products not only provide significant value to our customers by allowing them to produce high grade concrete while increasing profits, but also recycle coal fly ash, which may otherwise be dumped in landfills and ash ponds. Additionally, Pozzoslag® is produced in an environmentally friendly way, generating 90% less in carbon emissions than the production of Portland cement. Pozzoslag® 1.2 is therefore not only significantly more environmentally benign than ordinary Portland cement, but also stronger, more durable and less expensive.”

Pozzoslag 1.2 from the Limestone facility in Texas meets ASTM C989 performance specifications as a Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS). These products meet Grade 120 slag requirements.

Source: Business Wire

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