Realising Significant Benefits through Building Energy Management Systems

Building energy management systems (BEMS) is one of the most effective ways of monitoring and controlling your energy expenditure. Businesses may struggle to reduce their overhead costs without a similar smart meter. Some of the best systems can save you 25 percent, according to studies carried out on the effectiveness of building management system  for reducing energy expenditure in businesses.

Instead of requiring constant attention, a BEMS can be pre-programmed with control systems that are ideal for your workplace environment. Not only does a BEMS monitor your usage, it can automatically control your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). From all this data, useful information can be distilled, so businesses can make wiser energy choices.

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You can even compare your cost savings to those of similar companies in your field, so you can remain competitive. With energy prices rising, it’s time for businesses to take a more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to resource consumption.

Fail to do so, and overhead costs will start crippling profit margins. Companies will have to adapt to survive during such a brutal recession, and moving with technological advances can get you ahead of the game.

Savings Are Guaranteed

And you won’t even have to fork out the up-front cost for this cutting edge technology either. Many energy companies worth their salt will offer you ‘pay as you save’ contracts, so businesses with tight budgets can also benefit from BEMS.

Cutting out Employee Tampering

Before BEMS is installed in your workplace, it’s pre-programmed to cover the tracks of employees, who fiddle with the settings. To optimise energy savings, it’s wise to set controls to the lowest level for human comfort. Smart metering can sense the environment, and adjust HVAC settings to maintain a productive workplace, without compromising on energy savings.

If an employee attempts to change the settings – for example, turning up the office temperature – BEMS will comply with this request, until it jeopardises the energy saving settings. Automatically, it will moderate any tampering.

There’s no such thing as ‘perfect conditions,’ as everyone has different preferred environment (some feel the cold more acutely than others, for example). With conflicting employees getting up and down to change the settings, you have an energy disaster on your hands.

In previous years, BEMS got a bad name, because it didn’t deliver the energy savings it promised. Largely, this was due to employee handling, so this problem has now been solved.

Deterioration and Maintenance

Every metering system or technology will eventually stumble over hardware or software problems. Occasionally, your BEMS will need maintenance. But don’t worry; your business won’t hobble along with a dysfunctional BEMS for long!

Online diagnostic tools will routinely carry out evaluation of your BEMS’ performance. If anything is running at a sub-optimal level, you’ll be notified immediately, so maintenance repairs can commence. It won’t be long before your BEMS unit will be delivering the usual energy savings to your business.

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