Relax Shacks Builds a Micro Reading Pod for NYU Professor

NYU office pod final

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of is in the process of completing a micro home for an NYU professor to use as a reading and study pod. The pod is built mostly from recycled, repurposed and salvaged materials. It’s also on wheels for easy transportation, though the owner plans to primarily use it on a lake front plot of land where it will serve as a quiet escape from daily life.

The micro house measures 7 feet by 5 feet, and is about 6 feet high. It is also wide enough for two people to sleep in, though its main purpose is to serve as a quiet office space or relaxation pod. The whole front of this tiny pod is covered in Tuftex scrap from, as is one of the sides of this pod, which serves as the main entrance. The front also opens upwards, and serves as a roof for the exterior in case the owners want to let in some fresh air in nice weather.



The Tuftex is slightly smoky, which does block some of the light getting in. To compensate for this, Derek also installed a double pane window on one of the shorter sides of the pod, which he found at the side of the road. The entire interior back wall of the pod is made from scraps and bits of wood left over from constructing other houses, arranged together in a mosaic style. On the back, the exterior is clad with repurposed plywood. The pod is covered by recycled metal roofing, also from, which is very durable and can withstand wind speeds of 220 mph if nailed on properly.



The interior is basically just a single space, with flooring made of polyurethane board, which Derek repurposed from a demolition site of a house that had been torn down. He will also fill the seams between the boards with polyurethane foam to make it easier to care for and keep clean. The siding is lumber, obtained from Goodridge Lumber of Vermont.

You can check out the full video tour of this micro home at

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