Schneider Electric Releases Off-Grid Solar Inverter, Charger

Schneider Electric Solar Business, a global leader in solutions for the solar power conversion chain, has released their newest off-grid solar and backup power inverter/charger – the Conext SW.

schneider_conextThe Conext SW represents a technological step forward for Schneider Electric’s off-grid solar product offering by providing pure sine wave output inverter/chargers in power ranges of 4kW and lower. Pure sine wave technology provides clean, uninterrupted power that can effectively run modern electrical appliances and equipment.

“The Conext SW is an exceptionally designed product that will meet the needs of the off-grid solar market”, said Lester Sacks, Owner and President of Costa Rica Solar Solutions. “We were able to install and connect the SW easily and in very short time and the unit instantly communicated with all the components and started running.”

Every Conext SW is a 24Vdc system with selectable 50/60 Hz functionality. It is available in 120/240 VAC or 230 VAC models and in 2.5kW or 4.0kW versions. The Conext SW is ideal for off-grid solar, backup power and small community electrification applications. Breaker panels and accessories are available to build a complete system that communicates through simple network architecture.

Associated with the brand-new ComBox, operators of the Conext SW systems can now monitor yield performance using devices of their choice, such as personal computers, tablet devices, or building management systems. Installers can change the settings of Conext SW device during commissioning and react 24/7 to system alerts remotely.

Thanks to its robust design and ability to operate in varied environments, Schneider Electric has already secured numerous orders in various geographies including North America, Africa, and in the Middle East. Shipments to customers will begin this month.

— Solar Builder magazine


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