SnapNrack Introduces Self-Sealing Metal Roof Base

SnapNrack, a leading manufacturer of solar panel racking systems and a subsidiary of Mainstream Energy Corporation, has introduced a new metal roof base to its Series 100 racking system. By reducing attachment time to less than 30 seconds and integrating seamlessly with existing racking products, the new metal roof base minimizes balance of systems costs and total PV installation time.

SnapNrackLogo_jpg (1)SnapNrack’s new metal roof base product features a self-sealing mounting base, which seals easily over the top of the bolt and can be used on the flat section of corrugated profiles, or any other metal roof surfaces, which are commonly found on commercial rooftops. The new system has water-proofing features built into the design, allowing installers to bypass the additional cost and time of using sealant to waterproof the roof penetration. Furthermore, the attachment to the roof for each base can be completed in less than 30 seconds, which drives down installation time. By tailoring its new metal roof base for its existing racking products, SnapNrack helps installers reduce material and labor costs typically associated with the racking and mounting process.

“The industry is increasingly turning its attention to reducing BOS costs, which will be critical to making solar affordable for more home and business owners,” said Chris Oestreich, director of products for SnapNrack. “Providing our customers with easy to use, standardized products has always been part of our DNA. Our new metal roof base is an exciting step forward in boosting the usability and reliability SnapNrack racking and mounting systems.”

SnapNrack will be showcasing its new metal roof base at Solar Power International, booth #2812.

— Solar Builder magazine


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