SolaTrim expands Canadian distribution through EECOL Electric

SolaTrim barrier system

SolaTrim LLC, innovators in protective barriers that beautify and safeguard residential solar systems, has reached agreement with EECOL Electric headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as part of SolaTrim’s expanding network of Canadian distributors. EECOL, a subsidiary of Wesco International, Inc., will be offering SolaTrim’s solar panel protection system to residential solar system integrators throughout their 57 locations across Western and Central Canada.

SolaTrim is an all-weather aluminum barrier applied to rooftop solar array perimeters to prevent pests from nesting under the solar panels while providing a clean, finished look to any solar installation. SolaTrim provides an out-of-the-box solution that complies with the changes to Rule 50-018 of the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code – Part 1, which will require photovoltaic source circuits installed on or above a building to be protected against damage from rodents unless DC arc-fault protection is located at the module. An Appendix B note has also been added indicating that material such as expanded metal, solid metal, and screening can be used to enclose photovoltaic source circuit conductors as protection against damage from rodents.

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The SolaTrim panels come with a peel-and-stick adhesive that attaches permanently to the solar modules and requires no screws, clips or fasteners that could either fail, negatively affect the system’s appearance, or void the solar module manufacturers’ warranty. SolaTrim’s panels are stiffened by design to resist warping or bending and diamond-stamped to facilitate airflow. The adhesive has been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, is engineered specifically to prevent birds and rodents from nesting under the solar array, and is designed to last for the life of the system.

Proudly serving the Electrical Industry since 1919 and known as “Your Complete Electrical Supplier,” EECOL Electric is one of Canada’s premier full-line distributors of electrical equipment, solar products, and electrical services. EECOL has a strong warehouse-based business focused on serving Utility, Oil, Gas, Industrial, Mining, Commercial and Residential construction customers. EECOL services the electric industry material supply requirements of EPCs, institutional, and contractor customers with their large and complete inventory, technically qualified personnel and prompt, efficient service. SolaTrim protective barriers are now included in EECOL’s extensive product catalogue.

“With the addition of EECOL Electric,” said Bob Smith, co-founder and President of SolaTrim, “we continue to gain traction across North America as the preferred product for residential solar rodent and environmental protection. We are extremely pleased to see the growing demand for our protective barrier in Canada as more solar installers adopt the SolaTrim concept: an aesthetic barrier that can protect and beautify rooftop solar systems, prevent rodent infestation, and even resist winter ice dams and snow loads. This is definitely something Canadian Solar companies can employ to effectively meet changing market conditions.”


— Solar Builder magazine

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