Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Partners with Ohio State to Bring Solar to Haiti

An Ohio State University student group, The American Solar Energy Society, initiated a sustainable project for a community and school in Haiti after members learned that one of Haiti’s largest problems is the lack of electricity, specifically for lighting. In 2012, the group added electricity and lighting to a small school in Haiti by installing a complete solar-powered energy system. In 2013, the OSU group of eleven student engineers chose to go back, this time to the small rural village of Germain, to install solar panels on a community center.

OSU student engineers climb into a metal roof to secure three solar panels.

OSU student engineers climb into a metal roof to secure three solar panels.

In 2014, the OSU group returned to Haiti to work in a small town, Fauge, outside of Les Cayes. The OSU students installed panels on the roof of a primary school (K-6). The solar panels and controls will provide light for two classrooms, two office rooms and a room with the control box. The panels will also provide electricity for the school’s future plan to add computers.

To prepare for the project, the group once again sought sponsorship support from key manufacturers of solar system components. When the team contacted Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, the company immediately committed to contribute the DiamondShield DS201610HW enclosure to house the solar panel controls.

Stahlin’s DiamondShield product line is optimal for this type of project because it is a versatile industrial enclosure, designed for use in various applications for high-end electronics like those found on solar system installations. Plus, DiamondShield has proven to have superior reliability in harsh environments and can certainly withstand the environmental demands for the solar power system in Haiti.

The people of Haiti have endured many hardships throughout the years, and the implementation of electricity and lighting is a major step toward improving in the future of the country. The Haiti Empowerment Project was created to bring the intellectual and material resources of Ohio State University together with Haitian counterparts to assist in the development and implementation of a culturally and historically significant project.

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— Solar Builder magazine


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