Stellar Solar offering $2.99 per watt residential deal

Stellar Solar, one of California’s leading commercial and residential solar installers since 1998 is now offering residential solar at $2.99 per watt, their first move of several that will cut the cost of going solar by up to 30% in most cases and enable more homeowners than ever to power their homes by the sun.

Stellar SolarKent Harle, CEO of Stellar Solar and the driving force behind the move, had this to say about the price reduction:

“This is not a loss leader or some scam to lure people in – such as the fictitious rebates or cash-back offers that are so prevalent in our industry. This is our new way of doing business. We have streamlined our processes and product offerings and worked hard to over the past 12 months to increase our margins, which now gives us the ability to lower our prices. Our new model will allow us to maintain our fast growth, gain market share, and increase profits through volume. For the Solar Industry to thrive we need to expand beyond the early adopters – only a small percentage of San Diego homeowners have installed solar. To do so we need to continue to drive down costs while increasing the reliability and the professionalism of our installations.”

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He added, “Henry Ford drove the retail price of the Model T down to $389 in a time when most automobiles cost on average over $1,000 and in return was rewarded with nearly 50 percent market share against nearly 1800 other car manufacturers in the US. The solar industry is in a similar scenario. We grew nearly 100 percent last year but realized that to continue that growth we need solar to be within reach of a higher percentage of homeowners. In addition to lower pricing, we offer 30-day installation to speed up the process. We have also made internal improvements in all areas to handle the volume that’s been created as a result of this move. From marketing, to sales, design, permitting and installation, we are fully equipped as a company to grow another 100 percent this year and are well on our way.”

Stellar Solar is also a leading commercial solar provider and has won the San Diego Union Tribune “Best Of” award in the solar category three consecutive years. They are proud to call Carlsbad home and recently relocated their headquarters to a larger location to accommodate their growth.

— Solar Builder magazine

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