New commercial PV monitoring gateway: AlsoEnergy Powerlogger 1000

AlsoEnergy introduced a new standard gateway for their Commercial PV Monitoring Solution: the PowerLogger 1000. This interactive datalogger introduces a range of practical and time-saving benefits relative to other gateway devices in the PV marketplace.

AlsoEnergy PV monitoring

The PowerLogger 1000 adds a rugged interactive touch screen LCD display. This innovation allows workers to commission, bus test and troubleshoot without the need to interface with a laptop computer or mobile device. This feature, along with an automated configuration process, will enable field workers to cut commissioning and maintenance time by more than half. The simple ability to get immediate status feedback from the LCD display can be a tremendous time saver. And many device diagnostics and configurations can be executed remotely with the AlsoEnergy Commercial Monitoring Solution, eliminating the need for some field visits altogether.

The PowerLogger 1000 comes with practical upgrades as well. This device more than doubles the processing speed of the previous standard gateway from AlsoEnergy enabling new applications. The PowerLogger 1000 has a wider operational temperature range than previous gateway models, and lower power consumption enables a longer UPS backup window.

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“Our team has already deployed the PowerLogger 1000 in the field” says Dennis W. Odden, President of Bay4 Energy Services. “Our field engineers save time with the convenience of the touch screen display and the simple process for network configuration and testing. This device is a big step forward for site hardware solutions.”

“We continue to invest in engineering to stay on the cutting edge of hardware technology” says AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer. “The PowerLogger 1000 is our latest effort to simplify the installation and maintenance of commercial PV monitoring systems for our clients.”

The PowerLogger 1000 records data in real time from various field devices including weather stations, inverters, trackers, and meters. Data is retained in the PowerLogger in the event of a network interruption and forwarded to AlsoEnergy data servers when the connection is re-established. AlsoEnergy integrated hardware solutions are extensively tested, rated to UL standards, and come with a standard 5-year warranty.

The PowerLogger is typically mounted in an ETL-listed NEMA4 enclosure and combined with components such as power supply, cellular modem, network switch, and a revenue grade meter. Hardware is integrated with AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack™ software platform and combined with professional services to make a complete commercial PV monitoring solution.


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WATCH: AlsoEnergy debuts new PowerTrack Web platform to save solar installers time

AlsoEnergy is releasing a new platform for its solar customers, PowerTrack Web, that will provide web browser access for all users, get daily work completed faster, and save money. PowerTrack Web is a new version of AlsoEnergy’s flagship software platform built using the universal HTML5 programming language. This enables web access for users with Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Here’s a tutorial:

PowerTrack Web has the same basic interface design as the original PowerTrack platform, but the navigation makes it easy to move quickly through common daily tasks. “PowerTrack Web improves on speed and response time, and is already helping our team work more efficiently” says Paul Happy, Vice President of Operations at SoCore Energy. “Many members of our team have already made the shift to standardize on PowerTrack Web for daily monitoring work.”

Designed for universal compatibility and fast performance, PowerTrack Web is a streamlined version of the original PowerTrack application. It supports the most critical and frequently used functionality of the original PowerTrack platform, including real-time data at portfolio, site, and device level; aggregated and itemized portfolio overviews; analytics and full charting functionality; and alerts status and acknowledgement.

PowerTrack Web joins the existing products in the PowerTrack application family, including PowerTrack IE (for use with Explorer browser); PowerTrack Desktop (available for Windows or Mac); and PowerTrack Mobile. Many users will employ PowerTrack Web in conjunction with other PowerTrack platforms. Since all PowerTrack programs are built for interaction with the same back-end server system, actions executed in one platform are immediately visible and actionable on the other platforms. Users may move back and forth between versions with no fear of losing work.

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AlsoEnergy tops list of solar monitoring providers in the Americas

AlsoEnergy, a provider of monitoring and SCADA solutions for solar power systems, maintained its spot as the top-selling Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for commercial and industrial PV in the Americas according to the Global PV Monitoring 2016-2020 report published by GTM Research. AlsoEnergy is now the top selling solar monitoring ISV overall in this region. These numbers reflect AlsoEnergy’s robust 42 percent growth rate in 2015.

alsoenergyAmong ISVs, AlsoEnergy now ranks as the fifth largest solar PV monitoring provider globally across all market segments. This ranking has jumped up from a seventh-place result in 2014 and a eleventh-place result the year before. Total monitored assets at AlsoEnergy cover more than 5GW of power across more than 14,000 independent sites worldwide, including more than 3GW of PV assets.

Insight into market performance is important for clients who are choosing monitoring providers for long-term contracts. “Our company selected AlsoEnergy as our preferred monitoring provider in 2012” says Matt Murphy, Director of Operations & Maintenance at Borrego Solar. “We stick with AlsoEnergy because they help us realize greater operational efficiency with lower costs and reduced administrative workload.”

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This report about global PV monitoring markets, trends, and leading players is authored by Cedric Brehaut, Executive Consultant and founder of SoliChamba Consulting. “AlsoEnergy continues to build market share in a rapidly growing solar PV monitoring market,” said Brehaut. “They have maintained regional market leadership in the commercial and industrial segments, while approximately doubling their monitored capacity in the utility segment in 2015.”

“We appreciate our customers’ commitment to AlsoEnergy and recognize that their loyalty has enabled us to become the #1 ISV in North America for PV monitoring,” said AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer. “In return, we are increasing our investment in product development, service and support to ensure that we continue to exceed customer expectations and maintain our #1 ranking.”

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PowerPortal provides specialized reporting for community solar projects

alsoenergyAlsoEnergy just debuted a new option in its product line, “PowerPortal,” which addresses the issue community solar projects have with monitoring/displaying a single user’s allocation of the total piece of the generation pie.

Community solar opens the door for a wide range of user agreements, sometimes arising from a single array. Some power customers may purchase small “allocations” or “subscriptions” directly from an asset manager for the full array. In other cases, a customer such as a property owner may purchase shares of solar generation with the intention to resell electricity to tenants or other end users with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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Solar monitoring technology has been challenged to create meaningful displays and reports reflecting the complex mix of users and financial contracts in community solar projects. Generally speaking, monitoring applications are built to give customers access to data from a full site; not fractional allocations within a site. The problem is further complicated when one end user may be receiving power from several allocations, or when a single PPA reseller must manage multiple customer allocations. The challenge is greater yet when these allocations have different rate schedules and contract timelines.

AlsoEnergy PowerPortal

PowerPortal is the first product created specifically to provide community solar customers with a direct link to current information about their energy investment. This web-based end user display gives access to real-time production data and financial calculations for allocations within community solar projects. End users see data for their own allocations only; they cannot access data for other allocations associated with the garden.

AlsoEnergy PowerPortal community solar

For end users and PPAs with multiple allocations, PowerPortal makes it possible to group designated allocations into single overview displays (rather than looking at each allocation individually). Versatile PowerPortal displays can even show complete balance sheets for grouped allocations with varying time-of-use rate sheet calculations, and can keep track of different contract start and end dates.

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The benefits of PowerPortal displays are compelling. SunShare, one of the largest and most experienced community solar companies in the U.S., recently tried PowerPortal; they are now standardizing AlsoEnergy as the preferred monitoring provider for all community solar projects moving forward.

“We need a product that makes it easy for end users to connect with production and financial data for their allocations” says SunShare Director of Engineering Jean-Paul La Marche. “PowerPortal from AlsoEnergy fits our needs perfectly. No other product was even close.”

For those who are developing or managing community solar projects, PowerPortal offers the opportunity to customize displays with their own branding, creating a true white-labeled product offering for their energy customers. PowerPortal displays may be paired with either of the base monitoring platforms from AlsoEnergy: PowerTrack or DECK Monitoring.

For more information, visit:

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Cypress Creek Renewables selects AlsoEnergy for monitoring of 2 GW of solar development

alsoenergyCypress Creek Renewables, a developer and long-term owner of utility-scale solar energy facilities, has selected AlsoEnergy to provide monitoring for over 2 GW of solar projects currently in their development pipeline. These projects are all based in the U.S. and are scheduled to be deployed over the next 24-36 months.

Cypress Creek Renewables has a company mission to develop, finance and own an extensive portfolio of solar power assets based in the United States. Cypress manages an operating portfolio of more than 330 MW and has a pipeline in excess of 2 GW. Cypress Creek is moving rapidly to commission operational ground-mount projects from 2-20 MW in capacity. Cypress has leveraged management experience with over 100 operational projects to create a standardized approach, allowing them to develop at scale with speed and efficiency.

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Standardizing on a single monitoring platform is an important element in the Cypress Creek business model. After an extensive industry survey, they have chosen PowerTrack from AlsoEnergy to be the specified monitoring solution for the Cypress Creek portfolio.

“As long-term asset owners, we need a bankable monitoring partner who can deliver robust performance analysis while also easing our administrative workload” says CEO Matthew McGovern. “As developers with an ambitious deployment calendar, we also demand a monitoring partner with a proven track record for on-time fulfilment and responsive support. AlsoEnergy met or exceeded our needs in every detail.”

AlsoEnergy is the monitoring company behind two leading software products: PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring. “Over the past 2 years AlsoEnergy has focused on product development aimed at the utility-scale market, including a proprietary SCADA site controller” says AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer. “We are excited to work with Cypress Creek, a major utility-scale developer. The Cypress relationship helps validate our investment in this growing market segment.”

“We will use AlsoEnergy software to remotely identify, locate, and diagnose performance issues across our growing portfolio. This technology enables us to minimize site visits and reduce costs related to O&M” says McGovern. “Another attractive feature is the AlsoEnergy Workflow Suite, which allows us to track maintenance costs and production losses.”

For more information on Cypress, visit their website.

Same for AlsoEnergy.