Locus Energy solutions now available to Ten K Solar customers

TenK Solar_LogoLocus Energy, a solar data and analytics platform provider, and Ten K Solar, the company maximizing value in commercial rooftop solar, announced a partnership that makes Locus’ broad and scalable solar fleet management solutions and Virtual Irradiance available to current and future Ten K customers.

The partnership enables Ten K customers to upgrade their entire fleet of PV systems to SolarNOC, Locus’ best-in-class asset management platform. SolarNOC is a cloud-based application that provides installers and fleet managers the tools they need optimize fleet performance remotely. SolarNOC’s monitoring and analytic capabilities bring added value to the operation and maintenance (O&M), customer service and marketing efforts of solar EPCs and integrators through a consolidated interface that provides real-time energy and weather data, system alerts and performance trends.

Through this partnership, customers will enjoy rapid, cost-effective, seamless migration to the Locus platform, without disruption to service or the need to make hardware changes.

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“Locus Energy is pleased to be able to offer our software solar monitoring solutions to Ten K’s growing customer base, without the disruption and inconvenience typically experienced with a monitoring and analytics migration,” said Michael Herzig, CEO of Locus Energy.

With every Ten K advancement, the two companies will look to offer further benefits through the partnership. “We’re confident that this partnership will continue to evolve to offer the best solutions available to the commercial PV community,” Herzig explained.

“Ten K Solar delivers a highly productive, reliable and safe system for commercial rooftop applications. With Ten K’s significant growth, the increased size and number of projects demand the kind of scalable information system that Locus provides. We are excited to welcome Locus to the Ten K Alliance,” said Jeff Hohn, CEO of Ten K.


— Solar Builder magazine

Enact Systems wins $1.6M in awards from Department of Energy

Enact SystemsEnact Systems, an end-to-end business automation software platform for distributed energy, has been awarded two cooperative grants from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. The two awards, add up to $1.64 million over 18 months with requirements for cost sharing by ENACT. The company’s software-as-service platform is a leading business automation solution for reducing distributed energy soft costs and providing both users and customers quick access to financing.

Operational analytics

The first award of $650,000 is to develop a suite of Operational Analytics for Solar Business Operations. Enact says this end-to-end, operational workflow analytics module will further expedite sales of solar photovoltaic projects for its users. Live workflow analytics can enable solar developers and installers to more efficiently manage their projects and gain valuable guided insights in real-time. The analytics will illustrate every step of a user’s workflow process for sales and operations and benchmark all process steps and related costs on a real-time basis. This suite of operations management capabilities allows companies to manage their entire workflow for design and installation, by allowing them to configure process steps for documentation and tasks at a company user level.

PACE platform

The second award of $1 million is to develop a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Solar Accelerator platform (PSA). This platform aims to provide solar contractors and developers with end-to-end platform functionality for automation of sales, design and financing of projects utilizing operations, pricing and underwriting processes leveraging PACE financing. PACE program administrators and lenders across the country can also have access and benefit from the platform through seamless access to deal flow from solar contractors and developers.

In addition, the PSA solution automates document management for program financing approvals including the quoting requirements for successful PACE transactions. The result is the acceleration of sales and financing volumes, coupled with a reduction of transaction costs associated with origination, underwriting, financing and overall administration, leading to an improved ease of adoption and use of PACE as a financing solution.

“We are excited to be partnering with the DOE on building core software and data analytics capabilities that are in high demand for the rapidly growing solar marketplace,” said Deep Chakraborty, CEO of Enact Systems. “We share SunShot Initiative’s goal of mass adoption of solar and are striving to develop key operational and financing tools to accelerate that adoption. These new platforms will help users further reduce solar transaction costs, while enabling new customers and other important stakeholders to benefit directly from the rapidly expanding solar playing field.”

SunShot investments have sought to drive technology innovations that contribute to a significant drop in the cost of solar in the U.S. and increase deployment nationwide. Sunshot’s goal is to achieve a solar levelized-cost-of-energy (LCOE) of subsidy-free $0.06 per kilowatt hour (kWh) by 2020.


— Solar Builder magazine

SolyMoly launches online shopping for solar energy


A SolyMoly report. Click to enlarge

The solar industry is drawing interest across the United States. The Obama administration is trying to push solar more and more, and Google announced its interest in solar planning. What’s bigger than those two things? But turning interest and curiosity into a solar install still brings a lot of unknowns. SolyMoly, the one-stop shop for the solar curious, is trying to remove some of these unknowns by deploying a nationwide solution that improves the solar experience for both homeowners and installers.

SolyMoly is designed to guide homeowners through the often-confusing process of making the switch to solar energy. Unlike competing services, which automatically map the entire surface area of a roof, SolyMoly is fully customizable, allowing homeowners to specify which area of the rooftop they would like to consider for solar panel installation. This level of sophistication provides homeowners with more accurate reports on potential energy bill savings and environmental impact.

“What we learned throughout product development is that homeowners prefer to explore the potential of rooftop solar energy without feeling overwhelmed with options or pressured to act fast,” said Kathir Kuppan, Founder and CEO of SolyMoly. “We are simply equipping consumers with the tools they need to make a well-informed decision, on their own timelines and from the comfort of home.”

If homeowners decide to ‘go solar,’ SolyMoly connects them with qualified, reliable system installers in the area. Installers receive a copy of the customer’s detailed report to facilitate a smooth, hassle-free sales and construction process. This access to pre-qualified leads also helps installers significantly reduce overhead costs.

— Solar Builder magazine

Schneider Electric rolling out new energy storage, monitoring, control products

Schneider Electric Solar Business will be presenting its new energy storage offer, along with enhanced monitoring and control solutions at the upcoming Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich, Germany, on June 10-12, 2015.

Schneider Electric invertersAttendees of Intersolar Europe will get to see Schneider Electric’s Conext Core XC ES inverter, a new line of central inverters designed for advanced battery-based energy storage applications. The Conext Core XC ES series has been designed to be integrated into the ES Box, a medium-voltage power conversion substation ranging from 500 kW to 2 MW, and into the Conext ControlTM SCADA-based monitoring and control system, Schneider Electric’s reputed solution for PV, energy storage or combined solar and storage plants.

“At this year’s Intersolar Europe, we are excited to introduce our global system offering for energy storage,” said Arnaud Cantin, VP of the Power Plants Line of Business. “Banking on synergies with our highly reliable and competitive PV system offering, and leveraging our broad expertise with design, implementation, and operation of complex control systems, we are committed to delivering high performance energy storage systems to renewable project developers, utilities and large end-users, for varied applications.”

In addition to energy storage solutions, Schneider Electric will also be showcasing new monitoring solutions for PV power plants and commercial and residential applications. For PV power plants, attendees will get a first look at the new Conext Advisor. Conext Advisor is a web-based application focused on providing power plant operators and investors with high level and detailed performance analysis of a PV plant portfolio. Utilizing existing data extracted by Conext Control and leveraging the power of cloud-based analytics, users can compare the performance of their assets, identify underperforming areas within a PV plant down to the string level, and trigger adequate maintenance and refurbishment actions to maintain or enhance the energy generation over the lifetime of the asset.

For commercial and residential applications, Schneider Electric is introducing Conext Insight, a remote monitoring and asset management platform for decentralized grid-tie and battery-based systems. Installers can leverage Conext Insight to remain connected with their customers and offer value-added services. It also helps to minimize truck rolls and service calls by facilitating remote diagnostics of issues. Conext Insight enables installers to gain actionable insight to make confident decisions and help their customers maximize ROI of their PV assets.

On top of new offers, Schneider Electric will also showcase its best-selling existing products and solutions at their booth. For PV power plants, attendees can learn more about Schneider Electric’s containerized power conversion systems, including the PV Skid, for North American applications, and the new PV Box ST+, both offering integrated power conversion stations up to 2 MW for PV plants worldwide.

Schneider Electric will also display its battery-based inverters for off-grid and hybrid applications, the Conext XW+ and Conext SW, along with the Conext CL, a line of three-phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility and easy installation and service. Schneider Electric is extending the Conext CL line to offer a higher power rating at 40 kW. The 40 kW Conext CL will be similar in size to the existing 25 kW model, but with 60% more power and ideally suited for large commercial rooftop and small ground-mounted installations. The Conext CL 40 kW model comes with new communication capabilities to enable customers to further simplify plant communication and remote servicing of their inverters.

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Locus Energy’s fleet surpasses 1 GW of solar capacity

Locus Energy, a performance monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar PV market in the residential, commercial and utility sectors, announced that its fleet has surpassed 1 GW of solar capacity in the United States. This milestone reflects record growth in the solar monitoring sector, which has outpaced solar market growth as owners and operators retrofit already installed systems with monitoring and install monitoring on new solar PV systems as they come online.

Locus Energy In another sign of its extraordinary growth, Locus has also announced the expansion of its team with three new members.

“The growth in the solar industry has resulted in a demand for sophisticated fleet management and analytics software to help asset managers better manage large fleets of solar installations,” said Michael Herzig, CEO. “Our growth is a result of our ability to meet that demand. As we push past the 1 gigawatt mark, we continue to refine and expand our offerings with the help of a talented technology team whose new members will help us continue our growth trajectory.”

Locus provides solar monitoring hardware, as well as cloud-based fleet management software, SolarNOCTM, which helps solar asset managers manage large fleets of heterogeneous solar assets. In addition, Locus offers the PVIQ Suite of advanced analytics tools, which provides real-time intelligence on performance, allowing asset managers to easily identify which systems are not meeting performance expectations and the reasons for that underperformance.

PVIQ is comprised of three elements: Virtual Irradiance, or VI, a satellite-based irradiance modeling tool; the Waterfall performance report; and an Excel plug-in that allows users to stream data directly into spreadsheets, dramatically reducing the time required to prepare performance reports.

Collecting data from diverse solar assets spread over a wide geographical region and translating it into actionable operations and management (O&M) commands can be time-consuming and expensive for even the most experienced asset management teams. Locus’ software tools address this need, helping to accelerate the adoption of solar by streamlining O&M functions, increasing performance, decreasing O&M costs and mitigating risk.

“Locus is our go-to monitoring solution for our residential and commercial solar installations because their software tools make our job easier and impress our customers,” said Rick Berube, executive vice president, operations at Standard Solar. “Locus’ staff and customer support personnel are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, and their technology is always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in solar.”

Locus’ hardware and software are now being used at nearly 70,000 sites by more than 500 customers including asset managers; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors; project developers; and O&M providers. Locus has been named the nation’s largest independent solar monitoring provider in the residential segment for two consecutive years.

The expansion of Locus’ monitoring footprint and technology team follows the company’s recognition as a 2015 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer. Locus was one of 10 companies chosen to receive the prestigious award, which identifies game-changing companies in the field of clean energy technology and innovation.

— Solar Builder magazine