Facebook adding Array Technologies solar trackers to new data center

Array Technologies

Array Technologies, Inc., (ATI) a leader in the solar tracking industry, is partnering with Affordable Solar to install trackers at Facebook’s upcoming data center located in Los Lunas, N.M. Array has been selected to provide trackers for three 10 MW-AC sites to help Facebook’s newest data center be powered 100 percent by renewable energy.

“With decades of innovation and experience under our belt, we’re excited to see large global brands like Facebook adopting renewable energy solutions,” said Ron Corio, CEO of Array Technologies. “Solar technology should be designed and built to withstand the test of time. Array is proud to deliver the only time-proven solar tracker to utility-scale project owners around the world.”

Alongside engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm Affordable Solar, Array will install trackers throughout 2017 and complete the first of three 10 MW-AC installations by the beginning of 2018. Affordable Solar was awarded the contract by Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) to build the three sites.

Affordable Solar President, Kevin Basselleck, says “We’ll be partnering with Array Technologies, an Albuquerque-based manufacturer of the tracking systems that allow the solar modules to follow the sun throughout the day. They are a global leader in solar trackers and a tremendous local success story. We’re proud to deploy more of their systems right here in New Mexico.”

Mexico solar expansion: Two solar tracker companies with Latin America updates

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Mexico solar expansion: Two solar tracker companies with Latin America updates

ATI new mexico solar tracker

Array Technologies Inc. (ATI) and NEXTacker, two of the top solar tracker companies out there, had news last week concerning moves into Mexico.

ATI opens new office

ATI’s was the most notable of the announcements, as it is expanding its industry-leading tracker services into Latin America, supported by a new office in Mexico City, Mexico.

Array’s latest international milestone comes on the heels of the 28-year-old company opening new office locations in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Sydney, Australia. Array’s decades of experience, which has generated a reliable tracker for a low cost of ownership, is a major driver behind the company’s rapid global expansion.

Array’s foray into Mexico follows a fundamental shift in the nation’s energy consumption patterns. To fulfill its growing energy demand, Mexico has established ambitious goals and aims to generate 35 percent of the country’s energy supply from renewable sources by 2024. According to GTM Research’s Latin America PV Playbook – Q4 2016, the outlook for PV and solar tracker growth throughout Mexico is strong.

Array will serve the needs of the Mexican market with DuraTrack HZ v3, which was recently selected as a finalist for the MIREC Innovative Technology Award. The single-axis solar tracker’s unmatched durability and engineered simplicity make it a perfect match for the diverse terrain and high temperatures experienced throughout the region. Built for challenging environments, DuraTrack HZ v3 is currently used in sites around the world and has a proven track record of high survivability and zero scheduled maintenance.

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“As our trackers continue to operate failure-free, international solar asset owners are taking notice and making decisions accordingly,” said Ron Corio, founder and CEO of Array Technologies. “Companies across the globe look forward to collaborating with a tried-and-true solar tracker provider.”

NEXTracker ships system for largest power plant in Western Hemisphere

NEXTracker has started supplying its advanced single-axis solar trackers to the largest solar power plant in the Western Hemisphere. The grid-connected project of over 750 MW will deliver energy to the Northern Mexico region under a long-term contract and is scheduled to enter commercial operation by mid-2018. NEXTracker has shipped over 200 MW to the project site to date.

NEXTracker will manufacture a range of structural, mechanical and electrical components locally for this project. The Company’s proven high quality design, coupled with local deployment, installation and commissioning support, are ideal for solar in Mexico.

Built on Flex’s cyber-secure connected intelligence platform, the system will provide industry-leading data collection and management capabilities, enhancing remote operational control and analysis of NEXTracker components. This plant represents a new wave of technological innovation that includes new SCADA integration, never before deployed. NEXTracker’s key drive and electrical components are fully sealed against sand and dust – a critical factor for asset reliability in northern Mexico’s desert climate.

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ATI’s new vertical mount motor system deployed in Caprock Solar Farm

Array Technologies, Inc., just completed a 25 MW solar tracking installation at the Caprock Solar Farm in Quay County, N.M. Array worked alongside engineering, procurement and construction provider Swinerton Renewable Energy to bring efficient solar energy assets to project owner Duke Energy Renewables. The Western Farmers Electric Cooperative has contracted a 25-year power purchase agreement for the solar energy from the project.

ATI tracker project

The Caprock solar project will bring renewable energy to about 5,000 homes across Quay County. This is one of the first sites to utilize Array’s new vertical mount motor technology, which ensures flood-plain compatibility, increasing reliability over a project’s expected 30-year lifespan.

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Array’s design philosophy is focused on providing the most robust and reliable solar tracking solutions to customers, and the new vertical mount motor technology is just one example of the company’s continued innovations toward this goal. As part of Array’s mission to continuously improve durability, this technology is now the new standard for all Array installations.

“We’re proud to partner with Duke Energy Renewables and bring even more clean, reliable energy to residents in our home state of New Mexico,” said Ron Corio, CEO of Array Technologies. “From more than 28 years of experience, we’ve learned that anything that can happen in the field, will happen in the field. We’re excited to integrate our new vertical mount motor technology and increase resilience at the Caprock project site.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Caprock Solar Farm in Tucumcari, N.M. on April 12.

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Which company is the leader in solar tracker deployment?

ATI new mexico solar tracker

As tracker deployments continue to increase across the country, the leader in market share has remained at the top. GTM Research’s recent report The Global PV Tracker Landscape 2016: Prices, Forecasts, Market Shares and Vendor Profiles, reported that Array Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is the nation’s market share leader in solar tracker manufacturing based on MW volume of tracker shipments.

The Global PV Tracker Landscape 2016 report notes that ATI is not only the U.S. market leader in solar tracking, but also has “the most extensive track record of any tracking vendor and is in the top tier of bankable tracking vendors.”

The GTM Research report follows a recent announcement that the Power Opportunities group of Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., a private equity investment strategy focused on accelerating the performance of businesses in the energy and power industries, invested in ATI to enhance the tracker company’s global expansion. The firm targets leading infrastructure and equipment businesses in the energy space. The partnership provides ATI with the capital and strategic support needed to expand the company’s global utility-scale solar tracker operations.

In addition, ATI then sent word that it has shipped 6 GW of solar trackers globally.

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Inside ATI’s success

array technologies

ATI’s experience is a key component to the company’s leadership in the industry. ATI’s culture of innovation combined with wisdom from decades in the field and over 12,900 MW years of tracker operation enables the company to provide technology with both low up-front costs and long-term, proven reliability.

ATI’s trackers have a simple and elegant design, with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of terrains. An ATI-equipped 100-MW plant is comprised of a mere 187 parts, drastically reducing the complexity of the install and the level of operations and management required to maintain the project. ATI’s trackers are also robustly designed to survive extreme weather conditions in any tracker position. Alternative trackers often rely on assuming a specific position, such as wind-stow, to withstand weather events.

“With 27 years exclusively dedicated to solar tracking, Array Technologies has learned the best processes, business strategies and technology advancements to provide both a high-quality and low-cost product,” said Ron Corio, CEO of ATI. “We look forward to growing our leadership beyond the U.S. to meet the needs of the global utility-scale solar market.”

— Solar Builder magazine

ATI expands partnership with RPCS for all projects under 10 MW

Array TechnologiesArray Technologies, Inc. (ATI) has expanded its partnership with solar design and construction company, RP Construction Services (RPCS). RPCS now serves as ATI’s exclusive national Value Added Reseller (VAR) for all projects 10 MW and under.

Working together since 2009, the Array Technologies and RP Construction Services teams have shared great success in the solar tracker market, servicing leading solar companies across a diverse range of portfolios and projects.

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“Array Technologies continues to be the tracker market’s standard for quality. We’re honored that Array trusts RPCS as their exclusive value added partner for all projects under 10 MW (ac), ensuring that system owners will recognize the ATI quality through both engineering and installation,” said Eb Russell, founder and President of RP Construction Services Inc.

“I know the RPCS team well and consider them an extension of the ATI team. They do excellent work and will make their customers’ projects successful in every way,” said Ron Corio, founder and CEO of Array Technologies, Inc. “We are looking forward to expanding our reach into the DG space through this strong partnership that supports a growing market segment demanding reliable, high-performing tracker solutions.”

RP Construction Services is currently building DuraTrack HZ installations across the country, assisting major solar companies with their growing portfolios of single-axis tracker projects.

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