Exosun trackers selected for three solar power plants in Jordan


Exosun, a supplier of solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, has been selected by Phoenix Solar, a leading international PV system integrator, and its partner Millennium Energy Industries, to equip three photovoltaic power plants totaling 11 MWp in Jordan with its innovative tracking technology. This PV project, the largest in the private sector in Jordan, will be an important showcase for Exosun in the Middle East.

Installed on desert land, the three power plants will be equipped with Exosun’s Exotrack® HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers which will orient 35,302 polycrystalline modules toward the sun throughout the day to significantly increase energy yield.

The photovoltaic plants will provide the Sheraton and Marriott hotels in Amman, as well as the Marriott Dead Sea hotel, with 100% of their electric power needs. By adopting an innovative, full-scale approach to green energy, the hotels will reduce virtually to zero the environmental impact of their electric power needs with a saving of 10.7 million kilograms of CO2 emissions per year.

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Phoenix Solar will carry out all engineering, procurement and project management tasks while Millennium Energy Industries will take on the actual construction works. Phoenix Solar will also be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the three power plants. In addition to supplying and commissioning its trackers, Exosun will accompany its client during the entire construction phase by offering on-site installation support.

The solar power plants will be built in the Mwaqqar and Damikhi/Qatraneh areas, connecting respectively to the Jordan Electric Power Co, plc and Electric Distribution Company, plc electrical networks using the Power Wheeling scheme. This innovative approach allows power generation in a location different from the consumption site, and is part of the Renewable Energy regulatory framework implemented in Jordan.

“We are proud to be selected by Phoenix Solar, a renowned worldwide EPC of photovoltaic power plants, for this groundbreaking project in Jordan,” commented Frédéric Conchy, President of Exosun. “Installed on desert land, this project will be an important showcase for Exosun in Jordan and the Middle-East to demonstrate once again the reliability and cost-efficiency of our tracking technology.”

“We are delighted to partner with Exosun on this major photovoltaic project. After a thorough evaluation process, we found the Exosun product to be a superior system. Exosun’s cost-efficient, robust, fast to install tracking technology will maximize the performance of our client’s power plants,” stated Klaus Friedl, SVP Projects, Head Middle East, Phoenix Solar. “Exosun will also provide on-site installation support services and we also appreciated the proactiveness of Exosun’s engineering team.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Exosun Pursues its International Expansion and Opens a Subsidiary in Brazil

Exosun_ExotrackHZ_Vallerargues_solar_plant_2Exosun, major provider of perfected solar tracking technologies and associated engineering support services for utility-scale ground-mounted solar plants, is proud to announce the expansion of its international presence by establishing a subsidiary in Brazil.

Exosun Brazil, based in Salvador (Bahia), is a joint venture between Exosun SAS and Ecoluz Part. SA, a Brazilian group, leader in energy services. The two companies teamed up to offer their clients, international and local EPCs and IPPs, the fastest and most efficient global solutions to maximize solar plant returns. Exosun contributes its know-how in solar tracking and Ecoluz its 27 years of expertise in energy engineering services in Brazil, as well as its local experience in PV plants.

Exosun Brazil will commercialize and supply solar tracking systems, along with engineering support services covering the complete life cycle of a solar plant, from the project design phase up to tracker installation, commissioning, and O&M.

As a fabless company, Exosun also brings its unique ability to transfer its tracker technology to qualified local component manufacturing companies, in order to always deliver on-time with the shortest and most efficient supply chain. Exosun has developed partnerships with Brazilian manufacturers to ensure local high quality production of at least 80% of its tracker value, in full alignment with Brazilian local content expectations. As a result, Exosun Brazil’s customers will be able to benefit from advantageous financing programs set up for the solar industry by the BNDES (Brazilian National Development Bank), including the FINAME.

With this local establishment in collaboration with an experienced Brazilian solar energy specialist, Exosun is now ready to serve the booming Brazilian market which kicked off last year with a first national call for tenders for utility-scale PV projects, totaling 889 MW, followed by a second round of 839 MW in August 2015, and a third before the end of the year.

“In this country with high solar irradiation levels, combined with a strong governmental will to develop renewable energy sources, there is a significant market for solar trackers. It was therefore essential for us to establish a subsidiary in Brazil,” commented Exosun President Frédéric Conchy. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ecoluz, a renowned Brazilian energy efficiency specialist that constructed the first ground-mounted PV plant in Brazil. Together we will be able to optimally serve our customers based in Brazil with advanced solar tracking solutions tailored to their needs.”

— Solar Builder magazine

See Exosun’s new Exotrack HZ single-axis solar tracker at #SPIcon

You may have heard that the solar industry’s largest trade show, Solar Power International, is happening next week. And we’ve been previewing a ton of standout products you need to see while in Anaheim. Well, here’s one more:

Exosun_solar tracker_ExotrackHZ

Exosun is launching a new version of its Exotrack HZ single-axis solar tracker. At the company’s booth (No. 5510), visitors will be able to take an up-close look at the Exotrack HZ v2 which has been engineered to further reduce overall costs and delivery lead times, offering an LCOE-friendly solution for utility-scale solar plants.

The system’s intelligent design evolution, which integrates self grounded module clamps, significantly minimizes installation costs and time, representing less than 400 man-hours per MW. Exotrack HZ v2 offers fewer foundations than the market average and the market’s most generous installation tolerances.

Thanks to its short rows, Exotrack HZ v2 smoothly follows undulated topography, drastically decreasing land grading works. Furthermore, optimized DC wire management allows to reduce wiring costs by 50% compared to other single-axis trackers.

What’s more, its linked-row architecture and grease-free, balanced structure make it an extremely reliable solar tracking system, reducing O&M actions to an absolute minimum for 25 years. Its unique centralized control system can now pilot up to 10 MWp of trackers and allows on-site or remote actions on the trackers thereby drastically reducing frequency of site visits.

Exotrack HZ v2 is delivered with an efficient robotic module cleaning solution. With reduced human intervention and its capacity to clean without water, the system offers increased cleaning performance at a low cost.

While maintaining the highest quality standards, this new version now also allows Exosun to propose a ‘local content’ compliant solar tracking solution to meet local manufacturing requirements in countries such as South Africa and Brazil.

— Solar Builder magazine

Exosun to supply solar trackers for huge 146-MW project in Chile


Exosun, a major provider of solar tracking technologies for utility-scale, ground-mounted solar plants, has been selected by EDF energies Nouvelles, a global market leader in green electricity production, to equip two thirds of a 146 MWp PV plant in the Chilean Atacama desert with its trackers, and to provide a complete set of services including engineering, logistics and construction support. This PV project is one of the largest in Chile and the most significant agreement signed by Exosun since its founding.

Exosun’s Exotrack HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers will be installed on rocky, hilly, desert land. They will support 277,360 PV modules, orienting them toward the sun throughout the day to significantly increase energy yield.

In addition to supplying its trackers, Exosun will provide technical assistance to EDF Energies Nouvelles throughout the construction and commissioning phases of the plant in order to ensure the optimal performance of the Exotrack HZ and accelerate its client’s ROI. With a tracker installation rate of 1 MWp /day, Exosun is committed to a ‘just-in-time’ delivery of its tracker parts.

“After a long and rigorous selection process, we are thrilled to earn the opportunity to work with EDF Energies Nouvelles, a major global energy producer, and contribute to increasing their project’s profits with our high performance tracking systems,” commented Exosun President Frédéric Conchy. “We‘re looking forward to proving on the field the technical superiority of our product and the added value of our engineering support capabilities. The contract, the biggest one signed by Exosun since its founding, enables us to enter the booming Chilean market.”

Jean-Philippe Salomé, Vice President Industry at EDF Energies Nouvelles, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Exosun, an innovative startup we supported at an early stage of development. The high level of experience gained by Exosun over the past years enabled them to build a competitive offer, in terms of reliability, cost and maximization of energy output. The location of the solar plant, in the highly irradiated Atacama Desert of Chile, makes the trackers even more efficient and affordable.”

The solar plant will produce approximately 362,000 MWh annually, enough electricity to power 120,000 homes, and prevent 288,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. Tracker commissioning, executed by Exosun, is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016.

On Sept. 15, 16 and 17, Exosun will be exhibiting at the Solar Power International trade show, Anaheim convention center, California, booth #5510.

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— Solar Builder magazine

Oregon PV plant to add 6.8 MW of solar trackers from Exosun


Exosun, a provider of solar tracking technologies for utility-scale ground-mounted solar plants, has inked a contract with a major clean energy producer to supply and install its trackers on a 6.8 MWp PV plant located in the North American state of Oregon.

The solar plant, installed over 40 acres of high desert land, will be equipped with 44 Exotrack HZ horizontal single-axis solar trackers. They will support 21,964 PV modules, orienting them toward the sun throughout the day to significantly increase energy yield.

In order to lower transportation costs and time, and contribute to local employment, the majority of tracker components will be manufactured by American and Mexican suppliers, rigorously selected by Exosun.

Tracker installation, executed by Exosun, will begin in September 2015, with commissioning planned for November 2015.

“We are very pleased with this challenging project in Oregon and by the rapid response and schedule our team was able to formulate,” comments Jeb Seder, Managing Director of Exosun Inc. “Our Exotrack HZ single-axis trackers have been designed for maximized plant design flexibility, quick and cost-effective construction and minimal OPEX. This, coupled with our extensive tracker installation experience, is what convinced our client to work with us.”

On September 15, 16, and 17, Exosun will be exhibiting at the Solar Power International trade show, Anaheim convention center, California, booth #5510.

— Solar Builder magazine