PCI Solar develops solar 1.8-MW project at brownfield site in Wasco, Calif.

PCI Solar

PCI Solar has completed construction of a 1.8-MW solar array for the City of Wasco in California. The project, developed by Siemens, is part of California’s RES-BCT program, which allows a local government with one or more eligible renewable generating facilities to export energy to the grid and receive generation credits to benefitting accounts of the same Local Government. The energy from the array will virtually offset some of the energy from various buildings operated by the City of Wasco.

The project is located on a previous landfill site and is a brownfield development. The 1.8 MW of DC power will be provided by (5346) Silfab 345 watt panels and utilize (27) ABB Trio 50 KW inverters. So as not to disturb the soil, the panels were mounted on a GameChange ballasted racking systems and surrounded by a ballasted protective fence.

— Solar Builder magazine

GameChange Solar expands capital introduction program to $3 billion to fund new projects

capital introduction game change

The prospect of lost solar industry capacity and jobs looms in the background thanks to this ITC decision, but this doesn’t appear to faze GameChange Solar, which is now expanding its capital introduction program to over $3 billion in available capital to fund solar projects in both the U.S. and worldwide. The program is primarily in concert with seven leading funding sources, two of which are large utility backed power generation companies and the other five of which are leading IPPs.

GameChange Solar works with IPPs, Private Equity Firms, utilities and other entities looking to invest in and own projects. GameChange introduces them to developers, EPCs and others who are looking to build projects. This enables more projects to be financed and built, furthering our mission to repower the planet with cleaner energy.

“Capital intro is critical for the growth of the solar industry,” said Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar. “Being located in New York City where there is a growing community of private equity and hedge funds seeking to invest in solar PV projects. Having invested over $500,000,000 over the past 20 years from the investment funds I have run have enabled us to build relationships with many investment funds and other investors. We are located in the epicenter of finance in the United States, right here in Manhattan, and this proximity coupled with working knowledge of what investors seek positions GameChange Solar to be able to provide capital intro to our customers to our mutual benefit. This will be an increasing value added service we will provide to help us, our customers, the investors, and most importantly of all, the solar industry’s growth rate.”

— Solar Builder magazine

GameChange Solar expands capital program, $2 billion now available to fund U.S. solar projects

GameChange Solar has expanded its capital introduction program to fund solar projects across the United States to over $2 billion in available capital. The program is primarily in concert with five leading funding sources, two of which are large utility backed power generation companies and the other three of which are leading IPPs.

GameChange introduces projects that are being developed to the funding sources, enabling more projects to be financed and built. Recent introductions have yielded several marriages that have resulted in utility scale solar projects being built with financing received by developers.

Inside the new, improved decentralized tracker from GameChange Solar

If you have a project that needs financing to build which is anywhere from early stage to shovel ready, or if you are a funding source looking for projects to finance and/or buy, please reach out to your business development representative at GameChange for more information on this program.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “There are many projects that are looking for the capital to build them. With my previous background in finance and project development, we have the understanding of how projects are financed and the needs of both developers and financiers. We are able to see the correct fits between projects and capital and make the appropriate introductions. Our goal is to help facilitate more solar power plants to be built which furthers our mission of repowering this planet with cost effective, clean and renewable solar energy.”

— Solar Builder magazine

GameChange Solar adds two new roll forming locations in the South

GameChange Solar announced that it added two additional roll forming locations in Alabama and Georgia to service the southeast market for fixed tilt and single axis tracker solar support structures.

gamechange solar roll form

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “We anticipate expansion to approximately 2GW sales in 2017, driven by heavy customer demand for our bankable quality, value prices solar mounting structures. Therefore we have added substantial manufacturing capacity in the Georgia and Alabama to provide unprecedented turnaround time to service our valued customers in the Southeast.”

— Solar Builder magazine

2016 Editor’s Choice Projects of the Year: Community Spirit

beardWe say it every year: When it comes to solar projects, we are all winners.

We already announced the winners of our 2016 Project of the Year vote, but we at Solar Builder liked a bunch of the other submissions too. Welcome to the first in our series of Editor’s Choice winners! These are projects that
didn’t garner the most votes from readers but we felt were still pretty darn cool too.

Editor’s Choice: Solving Space Limitations

 Town of Stafford


Challenges: Building this PV system on a rocky, steep terrain required special drillers just to install the piles. Some boulders pulled out were bigger than a pickup truck. Developer Standard Solar did a formal study and used innovative smart inverter capabilities to integrate to the grid according to ES’s requirements. The landfill part of the project was unique in that all electrical wiring/conduit and racking foundations had to remain above grade so as to not penetrate or disturb the cap layer. Standard had to run the inverter output feeders in conduit down a very steep (approximately 40 percent grade) section of the cap in order to reach the equipment pad. Innovation: This is one of the first virtual net metered projects approved in Connecticut, and it offsets 100 percent of the town’s load, making the whole town net zero. It supports mostly schools and other community loads.

Town-of-Stafford-landfill-solarLocation: Stafford, Conn.

Size: 3.45 MW

Developer: Standard Solar

Contractor: Electrical Contractors and Maine Drilling and Blasting

Modules: Hyundai Heavy Industries

Inverters: Chint Power Systems

Mounting: GameChange Solar and DCE Solar


Cedar Falls Utilities “Simple Solar” Initiative


Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) launched its “Simple Solar” community initiative to meet a growing demand for clean energy, while offering flexibility around participation in the project. CFU gave its customers the opportunity to pre-subscribe for the solar energy by making an upfront payment. These payments gave customers access to a portion of the energy that the array will produce — an amount by which their energy bills will be reduced — and the more customers who participated, the lower their cost to participate. This approach proved demand and interest among customers, drove the size of array built and created a mechanism where a customer could apply their energy savings to another home if they decide to move. Interest drove the solar unit price from $399 to $270. This became the largest community solar project in the state.

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Size: 1.987 MW

Developer: RER Energy

Contractor: SunLink PowerCare

Modules: Hanwha

Inverters: Yaskawa-Solectria

Mounting: SunLink


— Solar Builder magazine