Quirky Renovation of a Micro Apartment


When it comes to making tiny spaces more livable and comfortable, there have already been many clever solutions developed. But this apartment has some surprises in store. It was designed for photographer Brendan McInerney by Joseph Chiarucci of Fort Design Build, and it features an actual catwalk as a space saving feature. Dangerous? Maybe. But it’s also quite clever.

The apartment measures just 400 sq ft (37 sq m), so a lot had to be done with little. The apartment does have a very high ceiling, which made it easier. The designer placed the kitchen and living area on the “ground level” while the bedroom, bathroom and storage loft were placed over it. They also partitioned off the space, which yielded enough room for a large corner working desk for Brendan.


The loft that is used for storage can either be reached via a staircase or a catwalk. Personally I would like to see a sturdy handrail along that thing, though Brendan doesn’t seem to have much trouble traversing it.

The bedroom is located in a second loft, and is quite spacious. There is enough room for a large bed, as well as a second seating area. Storage drawers were placed under the bed to keep the place tidy. The bathroom is very small, yet still functional. It also features a window, which makes it appear a little larger.


Another clever surprise is the hole in the wall where a vacuum hose is located. It’s a unique sort of central vacuum system, and Brendan just has to flick on a switch to clean up the entire apartment. Plus, the vacuum is hidden away out of sight behind the wall.

This apartment is a great example of how thinking outside the box can yield some interesting and functional designs, especially when it comes to tiny homes where every square foot of space matters.

Conversion of a Micro Apartment Into a Cozy Home

Turning micro spaces into cozy apartments seems to be the answer to the housing crisis in many cities across the world. With the help of transformer furniture and multipurpose units that’s not very hard to do. The latest such successful transformation was recently completed in Milan, Italy. The apartment in question is located in the city’s historical district Brera, and the architects have successfully turned it into a small, but cozy living space.

The apartment was designed by the local firm PLANAIR, and measures just 322 sq ft (30 sq m). It started out as a single space apartment, but they successfully separated it off into several areas by installing several accordion-like partitions, which are made of ash wood. The kitchen and lounge are on one side of the partition, while the sleeping area and dining/work table are on the other. The partitions also open up to reveal plenty of storage space, which helps reduce clutter. The dividing walls can also be moved to open the space up again.

They bed is actually on a raised platform, which could almost be considered a loft. It is accessible via a set of roll out stairs stored underneath it when not in use. They placed the closet under the platform, so everything is within easy reach. The sleeping area can be closed off from the rest of the space by wooden walls, which have holes cut into them to let in some light. It’s an interesting design element, which is reminiscent of the starry night sky. The bathroom is located behind the sleeping platform, but there are no pictures of it.

All in all, this is a very clever renovation, which really makes the most of the available and limited space. This tiny apartment certainly appears much larger than it actually is thanks to the transformer unit they installed.

Small Apartment Made Spacious by a Clever Transformer Unit


In many large cities across the world, housing is hard to come by, so more and more people are finding ingenious solutions, which allows them to live big in small spaces. One such example is this Paris micro-apartment, which was made a lot more cozy and spacious by ingenious use of transformer furniture. The renovation was done by Batiik Studio.

The apartment in question measures only 161 square feet (15 sq m) and was very cramped before they redesigned it. To make the most of the available area, they first installed a platform under which the bed can be stored away when not in use. This freed up most of the apartment to be used as a living area. When the bed platform is pulled halfway out, it also acts as a sofa.


The apartment also features a small, yet functional kitchen, which is located over the bed platform. The dining counter is big enough for two to eat comfortably, and it can even be extended to create a table for four. Storage is provided via a custom built, full-height closet, which is large enough to hide away all clutter.



The bathroom is also quite spacious, and features a shower, toilet and sink. By moving the kitchen to the new location over the bed platform, they also gain a little nook by the window where the kitchen was originally located. This area can be used as a workspace, since it gets lots of natural light thanks to a window right next to it.


Given the micro size of this apartment, I’m surprised they were able to do this much with it, since it truly appears very spacious and cozy. A lot of this is also due to the white painted walls, and large windows, which let in plenty of natural light.

Tiny Paris Apartment Reborn


It’s getting harder and harder to find adequate and affordable living spaces in big cities across the world, so it’s really nice to see all the ingenious solutions people are coming up with to solve these problems. The latest such solution comes from French architect Jérôme Vinçon who turned a tiny apartment with a 17-foot ceiling into a four-story micro home for a young couple.

This former doorman’s residence measures 269 square feet, and the couple bought it so they could be close to the restaurant where they work. With lots of careful planning, Vinçon managed to turn this micro space into a cozy dwelling, which doesn’t feel cramped at all. Due to the clever design, the home is also filled with natural light, which is quite a feat given that it only has one window.

According to the architect, he envisioned the apartment as open staircase of sorts. The kitchen is located below the living area and above the bedroom. The bathroom is above the kitchen, so that the shower is actually located right over the vent of the kitchen. It is also suspended and translucent, which offers a bit of a “peep show” but allows the shower to also be a light source for the apartment.


One of the owners is a chef, so the kitchen, while very small, was built to a professional standard. This was achieved via a thought-out organization and storage placement, with a few fold-down surfaces.


The bedroom is actually placed underground, which in itself offers acoustic dampening from the street above. They also installed a layer of soundproof terracotta and concrete screed with metal supports from the ceiling, which were all custom made. Since the owners work nights, it’s important that they get their rest. There is also a lot of storage space here, and there is also enough space for a washer/dryer and hot water heater in the closet.



Vinçon studied the design of boats, dormitories and space stations in order to come up with a plan, which would make the most of the available space in this apartment. I’d say he succeeded in turning this micro apartment into a cozy home.

Gorgeous and Functional Micro Apartment


There is a lot of demand for micro-apartments, especially in large cities such as New York, Paris and even Kharkov, Ukraine. The firm One Studio recently complete a renovation of one such apartment there, which is tiny, yet still very functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The apartment was designed for a local weightlifter and measures only 200 square feet, yet the smart space saving techniques employed by the designers make it seem much more spacious than it really is. The living area, for example, can serve a variety of purposes, from lounging to entertaining. There is a comfy sofa as well as a window bench for guests to sit on. The apartment has large windows, which offer superb views of the city.

The apartment also has a functional galley kitchen located under the stairs that lead to the bedroom area. The kitchen is equipped with a four-burner stove, and a counter that also serves as a dining table and wine rack when folded up.




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