Soligent partners with Chilicon Power for grid-support inverter, monitoring solutions

Soligent Distribution, the leading distributor of solar equipment in the United States, has partnered with Chilicon Power, a tech-forward designer and manufacturer of grid-support inverter and monitoring solutions, to expand its quality product menu.

Soligent, a pure play solar distributor, financier and technology platform supplies over 5,000 solar installers with best-in-class panels, inverters, racking and balance of systems across the U.S. and over 45 countries. Soligent is eager to partner with Chilicon Power in part due to the CP100 gateway monitoring system created so customers can view and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day from the comfort of anywhere in their home. Soligent is dedicated in providing its customers with high quality products and Chilicon Power has met and exceeded that standard. Together, Soligent and Chilicon Power strive toward a brighter, clean-tech future.

“We believe in providing quality products to our customers and Chilicon Power has met and exceeded our standards,” said Thomas Enzendorfer, President at Soligent, “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

“Soligent and Chilicon share similar visions for the evolution of inversion and monitoring systems and we are pleased to partner with them”, commented Alexandre Kral and Dr. Christopher R. Jones, Co-Founders of Chilicon Power.

— Solar Builder magazine

SMA debuts new monitoring, control platform — Data Manager M


As the future of energy management becomes today’s reality, SMA is investing in efforts to digitize commercial energy management and bring greater energy independence to customers. The company has introduced a new, future-proof generation of monitoring and control solutions with the Data Manager M.

In combination with Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, an IoT platform that manages all energy generation sources and data on a single platform, the Data Manager M is the ideal solution for commercial system owners and operators alike. It optimizes communication, monitoring and control of decentralized PV systems for up to 50 devices, and with a new, highly efficient user interface, the Data Manager M is easy to set up and commission. The modular design allows for a gradual expansion of the integrated functions for new business models in the energy market of the future.

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Meteocontrol, viasys are collaborating on solar site monitoring solution for North America


Meteocontrol North America, a subsidiary of meteocontrol GmbH in Germany, and viasys Intelligent Video GmbH are collaborating is to offer PV-system operators a turn-key solar monitoring solution at a great value and provide North American customers with professional technical support.

Consolidating the systems will result in cost savings for customers because video surveillance can be integrated into meteocontrol’s monitoring portal without the need for any additional infrastructure in solar farms, since the systems can share the same network components, cabling and control cabinet.

“The challenges involved in securing and monitoring solar parks are impressively similar,” said Anson Moran, CEO of meteocontrol North America. “The solution is optimized alarm management. We will conduct high-level data assessments using video, data analysis and artificial intelligence.”

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“The collaboration will solidify our reputation as a reliable partner because our product portfolios complement each other perfectly,” said Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol GmbH. “Through our new collaboration with viasys Intelligent Video, we will be able to provide additional value to the market.”

Interlocking the viasys and meteocontrol systems will simplify the technical operation management of solar parks and make them even more secure. When the viasys security system is integrated into an operation manager’s portal view, for example, they will be able to see what is happening near the system at any time and track it with precision all the way up to the access control. The meteocontrol monitoring portal signals the operating status in the status message and provides information as to whether the security system is active.

“There are also other developments in the pipeline,” adds Moran. “The operation manager should be able to receive the alarm messages directly in the ticket system, log them there and create the report for the investor. The messages will no longer need to be processed separately from monitoring in the security control room. We also want to set up an O&M camera-based “Awareness System” designed to provide operation managers with the required view of the system on site without the need to invest in an extensive and complete perimeter security system.”

— Solar Builder magazine

New Solar-Log monitoring gateway aimed at price-sensitive PV projects 15-kW and under


The all new Solar-Log 50 Gateway, a compact, advanced residential solar monitoring solution, is now available in the U.S.  Officially launched in Germany in December 2017, the Solar-Log 50 is ideal for the price-sensitive residential solar market segment, for plants up to 15 kW. Its modular hardware and software pricing means users only pay for the features they need.

“The solar monitoring landscape is changing. Policy changes can lead to uncertainty, meaning that having a cost-effective option for the price-sensitive residential market is important now more than ever,” says Anthony Conklin, President of Solar Data Systems, Inc. (Solar-Log). “The newest generation of Solar-Log offers a modular pricing structure to help keep O&M costs down, without sacrificing the reliable Solar-Log data that the industry depends on.”

How’s it work?

This gateway is designed to be used in combination with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest portal and provides reliable PV yield and plant performance data through inverter direct communication. The Solar-Log aggregates data from over 100 inverter brands through RS485 or Ethernet connection. Data is transferred via wired internet connection (required) and visualized on the Solar-Log WEB Enerest portal. The compact, din rail mountable hardware can be installed in as little as 10 minutes.

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The included Solar-Log WEB Enerest M monitoring subscription is a simplified solution for homeowners who want to monitor their plants themselves. The monitoring subscription can be upgraded, for a subscription fee, to the L or XL package at any time, for installers offering O&M service contracts to their customers. The Solar-Log WEB Enerest processes the recorded data, making numerous reports possible, and has analysis tools for the efficient use of solar energy. The user is continuously informed about plant performance and potential malfunctions.

Numerous add-on functions for the Solar-Log 50 Gateway are available through corresponding licenses. Add-ons include feed-in management, increased plant size compatibility, and integration of additional components. The Solar-Log 50 will be available through a wide variety of distributors and installers across the nation.

— Solar Builder magazine

Utopus Insights just released 5 tools for monitoring, analyzing your solar portfolio

solar PV data analysis

Utopus Insights, an energy analytics software company, announces the release of five powerful software tools for renewable generation producers, operators, OEMs, T&D utilities, ISOs/RTOs and other energy companies to solve their toughest analytics challenges with accurate, timely information at a low cost. The Utopus Insights product families are modular, integrated and offered as a hybrid on-premises/SaaS IoT solution.

Let’s meet them.

MaestrOS platform—A one-stop, data-curation and integrated app powerhouse.

MaestrOS provides out-of-the-box integration with siloed, distributed and real-time data into a curated data model. It links unmatched data curation capabilities with a CIM-compliant common data model, integrates Utopus Insights’ hyper-local weather forecasting service and supports the company’s product families. It includes state-of-the-art authentication and data security, and features published, public and secured APIs and intuitive visualization to work in harmony with a customer’s existing enterprise systems and to leverage their team’s expertise.

Xplore for Wind/Solar—See how all assets are performing in real-time on a single dashboard.

Xplore is a family of applications that delivers precise situational awareness by providing historical and real-time insights into solar and wind asset performance across an entire asset fleet – no matter the location, size or OEM of the assets. It provides intuitive visualizations that you can configure to suit operational performance metrics with personalized, instant alerts through a patented, innovative performance-modeling capability. Xplore seamlessly scales up to an entire fleet, drills down to a single asset or reviews at any operational level in-between to assess operational performance.

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Pulse for Wind/Solar—Determine what’s going to break or fail before it breaks or fails.

Pulse is a one-stop predictive maintenance application suite that enables you to identify, prioritize and preempt critical wind/solar component failure across a customer’s entire enterprise. Pulse goes beyond time- or condition-based maintenance analytics and uses patented algorithms to deliver risk-based insights into remaining component life for over 20 asset classes including inverters, transformers, generators, bearings and other mechanical/electrical equipment. It helps improve asset performance, system reliability and target capital investment to provide the greatest value.

HyperCast for Wind/Solar—Reliable renewable energy delivery in an unreliable climate.

HyperCast is a forecasting tool family that uses unsupervised, advanced machine learning on real-time wind and solar farm measurement data. It delivers a 72-hour advance forecast, updated every 10 minutes, for both available and active power generation with best-in-class MAE (Mean Absolute Error) results. HyperCast enables power quality improvement, congestion reduction and reduced downtime by syncing maintenance work to low-production days with up to a 14-day lead time. HyperCast enables customers to leverage market imbalances, sharpen day-ahead and intra-day bid strategies, and quickly identify and resolve asset production anomalies. These results are driven by hyper-local and energy-specific weather service (Nostradamus), that delivers 10-minute interval weather predictions up to 96 hours in advance at each solar farm location and each wind turbine location and hub height.

Nostradamus—Get a precise weather-wise peek into the future.

This is the hyper-local weather forecasting service. Nostradamus forecasts enable more informed decisions on where to preposition response assets, more accurate information to be shared with customers, communities and other key stakeholders, and ultimately reduce service restoration time. It runs a physics-based dynamic model on an HPCC (High-Performance Computing Cluster) to generate forecasts up to 96 hours in advance, at a 10-minute temporal resolution with an industry-leading level of precision down to 1 km². The tool can be quickly linked to a customer’s GIS-mapped assets, and can be made available as a SaaS within five business days.

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