Sunnova to start selling solar warranties, service contracts for residential systems it didn’t install

sunnova protect

Sunnova Energy Corporation launched Sunnova Protect services last week — the first service-only offering available from a national solar company. With this new program, Sunnova looks to provide solar owners multi-decade coverage inclusive of monitoring, maintenance and repair services for their solar systems.

Basically, the service warranty Sunnova offers to its 60,000 customers is now available to any homeowner who owns their solar system. To our knowledge this is the first time that a residential solar and storage service provider has brought to market a service-only offering with 5-, 10- or 20-year warranties on systems the company itself did not install.

Coordinated by Sunnova’s team of experts, the plans provide proactive monitoring and system diagnosis to prevent unexpected and costly solar outages and to provide protection against most out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance, equipment repairs and replacements. Backed by an available production guarantee, the Sunnova Protect plans provide consumers with the added confidence that their solar investment is creating the value they expect.

“Sunnova has extensive experience monitoring, maintaining and ensuring optimal system performance for our customers,” said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova Energy Corporation. “Now, we’re extending our expertise in solar system service to non-Sunnova solar homeowners so they too can protect their solar investment.”

Sunnova has launched its Sunnova Protect Services through a newly-formed sales channel and is initially offering this service offering to Southern California—where there is a high concentration of solar owners. Sunnova will then extend Sunnova Protect to additional markets over the next few quarters. Sunnova will incorporate the Sunnova Protect service plans into their product offerings for their dealer networks in early 2019.

“Deciding to go solar is a big decision and yet we see solar customers buying and financing systems without a service warranty, which means no one will be there to ensure the system is actually working and generating the energy it’s supposed to over the decades-long life of the system,” said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Sunnova Energy Corporation. “We’re offering Sunnova Protect™ to ensure solar owners are covered so they can enjoy the energy independence and financial savings they expect from their systems.”

The Sunnova Protect servicing plans offer three different coverage options (Basic, Premium and Platinum) with multiple term lengths (5-, 10- and 20-year). These plans provide solar owners with the freedom to choose the service solution that best fits their needs.

— Solar Builder magazine

Trimark Associates adds new features to its SCADA System for utility-scale solar sites


Trimark Associates

Trimark Associates, Inc., a leading provider of metering, SCADA, and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, completed software updates for its T1-S SCADA system. With these enhancements, clients can improve their performance management analysis to optimize power generation and profits. The latest T1-S Vantage User Interface enhancements include the following.

  • Simplified trending and analysis: Users can easily switch between historical and real-time trending values on one dashboard to improve the efficiency of analysis.
  • Portfolio-wide key performance indicators: T1-S Vantage calculates and displays a Performance Index (PI) to indicate if a site’s performance is aligned with the site conditions and an Availability Index (AI) to show whether all the power-producing devices are available.
  • Production forecasting integration: T1-S Vantage integrates production forecasting data from a client’s Clean Power Research (CPR) SolarAnywhere subscription, in addition to Trimark’s proprietary production forecasting model.
  • Control room / operations center dashboard displays: The entire dashboard displays critical performance data for improved visualization and decision-making, with the ability to customize displays.
  • Integrated external file repositories: Clients can access their external files from T1-S Vantage, while maintaining security and access restrictions, eliminating the need to duplicate documents.
  • Third-party gateway integration: T1-S SCADA can view, trend, report, and analyze data in T1-S Vantage from third-party gateways and data loggers.

— Solar Builder magazine

AlsoEnergy continues to merge solar monitoring space — adds Locus Energy

solar merger

The ceremonial passing of the binder.

The ink was barely dry on the news of AlsoEnergy’s acquisition of Draker when word came out that AlsoEnergy is now merging with Locus Energy, a solar monitoring and data analytics provider delivering solutions across the residential, commercial, and utility sectors. The transaction enhances AlsoEnergy’s ability to deliver end-to-end solutions across all geographies and market segments and affirms AlsoEnergy as a global leader in renewable energy asset monitoring and control.

“Locus Energy is a strong complement to our solutions portfolio,” said Bob Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer of AlsoEnergy. “Throughout 2018, we have made strategic investments to consolidate best-of-breed technologies that can be integrated through our unified back-end platform to create an end-to-end industry leading portfolio. The consolidation of these historically disparate systems creates strong value for our customers, including comprehensive portfolio aggregation across all modes of energy generation as well as unified reporting and metrics across all platforms.”


Under the terms of the agreement, AlsoEnergy will continue to lead the business, with Locus Energy’s prior owner, Genscape, retaining a minority equity stake in the combined entity.
”We are excited to join the AlsoEnergy family,” said Michael Herzig, Chief Executive Officer of Locus Energy. “Together, the combined business will be able to better meet our customers’ evolving needs and enable greater support throughout the entire project lifecycle, with support and engineering resources deployed around the world.”

“The addition of Locus strengthens our leadership position as the most innovative and complete solution provider in the market,” continued Schaefer. “The combined portfolio will give our customers the ability to further streamline operations and achieve the highest levels of performance, efficiency and profitability, using a single technology platform while retaining the best attributes and stakeholder views from each system.”

In addition, the integration of Locus Energy’s customer service and engineering support center will strengthen AlsoEnergy’s global service organization and will enable the delivery of world-class around-the-clock support, seven days a week.

— Solar Builder magazine

RST Cleantech to debut its automated solar panel cleaning system for the US at SPI

RST CleanTech

Dirty solar panels lose efficiency, produce significantly less energy and therefore cause the owner to lose money, especially in areas where dust, pollution and other atmospheric conditions exacerbate the problem. Studies have demonstrated that dust accumulation, bird droppings, and other pollutants can reduce the output of solar panels by up to 35%. Current methods of cleaning and maintenance are often inefficient and labor-intensive. Some may lead to voiding the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty.

At Solar Power International this year, RST Cleantech says it is introducing a new method of cleaning solar arrays in the U.S. that will be low-cost, fully automated, low-maintenance, highly efficient and fully compliant with solar module warranties. Developed in Israel in 2013 with over 1,000 installations servicing over 200,000 solar panels across 5 continents RST is revolutionizing automatic Solar O&M solutions.

Unfiltered water sprayed on panels can create calcium spotting and reduce output or destroy a solar panel through “hot spotting”. RST proprietary purifying system treats any local water source (hard, soft, grey) down to safe and negligible levels of lime scale, for an advanced purified water that is distributed through an automated system.

Cleaning takes place in sync with the external conditions. RST hardware is connected through a series of patented clips eliminating any need for drilling or glue. RST does not use chemicals or abrasive brushes and there is no need for filter changes or soap refills which means virtually no upkeep. RST’s technology is designed to comply with all solar panel manufacturer standards and requirements.

RST’s system is fully automated and integrates easily with common O&M and A&M platforms.

— Solar Builder magazine

AlsoEnergy merges with skytron, will now manage more than 18 GW of renewable energy


AlsoEnergy is making big moves. First came word of its Draker acquisition, and now it is merging with skytron energy, one of Europe’s leading solar software and hardware companies. These combined forces make up a global leader for renewable energy monitoring, controls, and asset management solutions. Together, the companies will combine their business operations to offer a global footprint with leading software, hardware, and control solutions for solar, wind, and storage assets (now totaling more than 18 GW worldwide).

“The merger of AlsoEnergy and skytron enables us to provide our customers and marketplace with the industry’s most complete platform for the management of renewable energy assets,” said Bob Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer of AlsoEnergy. “With skytron’s proven utility-scale technologies and AlsoEnergy’s strong commercial, industrial and utility presence, we can now offer our customers complete coverage for all types of assets.”

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“We believe this transaction will provide what our customers have been asking for,” said Francisco Baraona, Managing Director of skytron energy. “Our combined solutions create a global software platform across all asset classes that is supported by proven hardware and control technologies and delivered with consistent sales, support and service across all geographies.”

In addition, AlsoEnergy has acquired the assets of Draker Corporation, a pioneer in the solar monitoring industry in the United States. “This strategic investment strengthens our global portfolio of best-in-class PV and storage performance management services for the C&I and Utility Scale segments,” continued Schaefer. “Together, AlsoEnergy, skytron and Draker look forward to continuing to deliver industry-leading products, sales, support, and services to our customers.”

— Solar Builder magazine