Panasonic to offer full 25-year warranty for AC module including microinverters with labor for its Authorized and Premium installers

panasonic enphase

Warranties are often seen as the most important / valuable piece of a solar system sale and install. Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America is staking its claim on an industry-leading 25-year warranty that will not only cover its solar panels but also extend to cover comprehensive performance and labor on all Panasonic AC modules, in addition to the 25-year microinverter warranty provided by Enphase.

In a move that streamlines the warranty claims process, Panasonic aims to create a one-stop shop that offers peace of mind for homeowners by simplifying their points of contact. With this offering, homeowners no longer need to decide whether to contact Panasonic or Enphase if a situation requires a claim on the module or microinverter; Panasonic will now handle claims and fulfillment for all components. Of note, labor is also covered for qualified installers.

This new benefit is available exclusively to authorized and premium Panasonic installers.

“Panasonic is committed to providing the absolute best customer service for homeowners, and a key facet of this offering is a simple and easy warranty claims experience. It both makes our customers’ lives easier, as well as our valued installers’ jobs more efficient,” said Mukesh Sethi, General Manager Solar & Storage Division, Panasonic Solar Group. “We stand proudly behind our top-of-the-line residential solar panels that are covered by an industry-leading 25-year warranty, and are excited about extending this offering to microconverters to ensure homeowners have the most seamless claims experience possible.”

Warranty details

Panasonic’s 25-year warranty offers a product guarantee more than twice the length of many of its industry peers, as well as guarantees 91 percent of rated power over the term of the warranty, a figure that is significantly better than any other solar module on the market today. Backed by more than 40 years of R&D, testing against rigorous quality standards and two decades of mass production, Panasonic has created a well-earned reputation for extreme reliability and exceptional performance.

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Six more solar installers added to Panasonic Premium Installer Program

Panasonic HIT panels

Panasonic Solar Group announced several key additions to its Premium Installer program in strategic markets. This has been a big year for the Panasonic Solar Installer program, originally launched in 2016. In total this year, Panasonic has promoted 42 installers across the country to premium status (to go along with 150 Authorized installers), enabling more residential homeowners access to the Panasonic Solar Modules HIT portfolio.

Meet the new installers

Elevation Solar: Gilbert, AZ
Hot Purple Energy: Palm Springs, CA
Infinity Solar: Orange, CA
RA Solar: San Francisco, CA
Same Sun: Rutland, VT
Solar Works: Albuquerque, NM

“As consumer demand for renewable energy solutions increases across the country, installers are tasked with providing efficient and cost-effective solar panels to the homeowner,” said Mukesh Sethi, General Manager, Solar & Storage Division, Panasonic Solar Group “By extending our Premium Installers networks in the Central, Eastern and Western regions, we can reach more homeowners with energy needs.”

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Details on the Installer Program

The Panasonic Solar Premium Installer program provides value-added benefits and business opportunities to partners who meet Panasonic’s high standard of excellence. The Panasonic Solar Installer program is comprised of “Authorized” and “Premium” installers, and Premium installers are involved in ongoing efforts with Panasonic to promote the HIT brand.

These installers receive leads generated from Panasonic’s website as well as the new educational blog “Green Living”. In addition, Premium Installers are the beneficiaries of cooperative marketing funds provided by Panasonic and are also granted access to Panasonic’s robust Installer Portal that offers additional benefits such as a library of tailored marketing materials and training programs designed to help installers enhance communication with consumers, and ultimately grow their businesses.

“By expanding our network of committed installers, we are furthering our mission to assist potential and existing customers in their decisions to ‘go solar’,” said Yessica Castillo, National Marketing Manager, Solar & Storage Division, Panasonic Solar Group.

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Panasonic solar modules added to Sunnova’s approved vendor list

Sunnova residential solar-001

Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America has been named an approved vendor for Sunnova Energy Corporation, one of the leading U.S. residential solar and storage service providers. Consumers will now be able to purchase Panasonic Solar technology through Sunnova’s broad portfolio of service offerings.

Sunnova has serviced over 65,000 customers to date in 24 U.S. states and territories. The company’s business model creates a wider variety of options for customers interested in going solar, with the added security of operations and maintenance performance guarantees. Sunnova is focused on delivering industry-leading energy service as well as leveraging its relationships with manufacturers and installers to create a seamless experience for homeowners.

“Cost is one of the greatest barriers to entry in our industry and Panasonic is committed to helping homeowners understand and take advantage of the benefits of solar technology,” said Mukesh Sethi, General Manager, Solar, and Energy Storage Division, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “With Sunnova’s energy services expertise and portfolio of solutions, Panasonic customers will now gain added value to their solar energy investment.”

Expanded solar software offerings

Panasonic and Sunnova are both partnered with Sighten, a solar software for residential designs and proposals. Sighten recently launched integrated Sunnova Financing on its platform, making it easy for installers to sell Sunnova directly in the industry’s leading design and proposal tool.

Aurora Solar, a software tool that Sunnova relies on to accurately design and quote projects, will also now be available to Panasonic Premium installers. Aurora’s validated software evaluates the shading and performance simulations for their clients’ projects.

Warranty benefits

Through Sunnova Protect, each solar system is protected for the full 25 years of service, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses associated with the system’s care and maintenance while providing energy production guarantee. The Sunnova Protect warranty is included with all Sunnova service agreements. To complement Sunnova’s warranty offering, Panasonic’s HIT and HIT+ series modules are also covered by Panasonic’s industry leading 25-year product and performance warranty.

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Semper Solaris is giving back to military veterans by donating solar systems via Semper Cares Initiative

Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris announced the the Semper Cares Initiative “Project Charlie” installation, where the company and program partners including Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America donated and installed a complete solar system to San Diego military veteran Paul Dugas.

“Community contribution is a core pillar of the Panasonic business philosophy, and our team is grateful to be of service to Mr. Dugas in recognition of everything he’s given to our country”

In collaboration with Fox 5 San Diego, Semper Solaris put out a call to the local community to nominate deserving military heroes to be the beneficiary of Project Charlie. Like many veterans, Paul Dugas has faced a series of challenges over the past few years, including several health issues that have affected his personal and professional life. Paul was nominated by his neighbor, who introduced Semper Solaris to Paul’s story and his faithful military service. Paul was selected as the Project Charlie beneficiary on October 8, 2018.

Project Charlie is Semper Solaris’ third installment of the Semper Cares Initiative, following the successful completion of Projects Alpha and Bravo. Semper Solaris is deeply connected to its military roots, and as a veteran and former Marine Captain, company co-founder Kelly Shawhan is passionate about giving back to the veteran community.

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“Semper Solaris is proud to launch Project Charlie as the third installment of the Semper Cares Initiative, which truly represents the heart of our organization: supporting deserving U.S. veterans and heroes in need,” said Kelly Shawhan, co-owner, Semper Solaris. “We are more than honored to be a part of Paul’s story, and every team member on this project is living the spirit of what Semper Cares is all about. Today, it’s not about earning a paycheck, but about helping fellow Americans and disabled vets, and the community supporting each other. The love surrounding this project is palpable.”

To complete Project Charlie, Semper Solaris provided logistics support, analysis and permitting, as well as installation personnel, labor, and hardware, securing support from industry partners to obtain the remaining parts needed for the project. Semper Cares Initiative has received tremendous support from local and national charitable groups, as well as from the company’s suppliers and contractors.

Companies including Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America have donated tens of thousands of dollars in material to Semper Cares Initiative projects to date and have committed to supporting future Semper Cares’ projects. After hearing Paul’s story, Panasonic agreed to donate a 5Kw solar power system to support the Project Charlie installation.

“Community contribution is a core pillar of the Panasonic business philosophy, and our team is grateful to be of service to Mr. Dugas in recognition of everything he’s given to our country,” said David Lopez, Solar Division West Coast Group Manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. “We sincerely hope the new solar system provides much deserved relief now, and for many years to come. The Semper Cares Initiative is honorable work and we look forward to continuing to support the Semper Solaris team in their passionate dedication to the veteran community.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Panasonic, LG solar panels now available through Solaris


Panasonic HIT panels.

Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., a national solar distributor, has now added LG Solar and Panasonic solar panels available for purchase through their website. The new solar panels are available to both consumers and installers for residential and commercial system applications.

“Looking forward, we anticipate a demand for even higher quality solar panels. These are the best PV modules available on the market, and we are able to supply them to DIY and installers alike for much less than traditional retail outlets,” said Brandi Casey, of “Interest in our systems are grown tremendously over the last year, and we anticipate further growth to continue with the new additions of these manufacturers. We also see solar paving the way forward regardless of the tariffs.”

Solaris delivers solar energy products for wholesale prices to consumers and companies nationwide.

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