PetersenDean Roofing & Solar expands with Hawaii solar, batter installer acquisition

Petersen Dean

PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, the nation’s largest privately held solar and roofing company, acquired Hawaii-based Haleakala Solar. Founded in 1977, Haleakala Solar is Hawaii’s largest solar and battery installer.

Haleakala Solar has been installing photovoltaic (PV) solar and water heating systems as well as battery storage solutions for more than 40 years and has completed more than 15,000 projects. There are plans to add roofing installations in the first quarter of the transition. The company operates on three of the Hawaiian Islands and plans to expand into a fourth in 2018. The newly acquired company is poised to add approximately 1,000 new jobs and grow to approximately $100 million in sales over the next 24 months.

Jim Whitcomb, founder of Haleakala Solar, approached Jim Petersen, CEO and President of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, late last year for a strategic purchase.

“It seemed like the perfect synergy between the two companies,” stated Whitcomb. “In 40 years, Haleakala has grown into the largest residential PV installer in Hawaii so it would only make sense to go straight to the largest rooftop PV installer in the United States when the time came to hand over the reins. We share a commitment to excellence and PetersenDean’s size, organization, and impeccable reputation will take the company to a new level.”

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This planned expansion will increase employment in this Hawaiian segment of the organization to over 1,000 jobs in the next 24 months. Currently, Haleakala Solar employs about 125.

Hawaii has long been a leader in renewable energy. In 2015, it set a mandate that 100 percent of the state’s electricity come from renewable energy by 2045. Regulators also just approved Hawaii Electric’s grid modernization plan along with a suite of demand response and solar tariff programs.

“Solar is a critical part of the state’s energy portfolio. The islands are a virtual incubator for all new technology in this space especially because of the state mandates that require all of the islands to be operating on 100 percent renewable energy by 2045,” said Liardon. “Hawaii already boasts some of the highest shares of renewable energy in the country, all on islands isolated from the stability of neighboring grids. That’s made them a natural testing ground for new technologies and regulatory models, including battery-backed solar and wind farms, aggregated demand response and energy storage, peak-shifting electric vehicle charging, and voltage-smoothing smart inverters and grid power electronics.”

— Solar Builder magazine

PetersenDean now offering solar + storage solution via SolarEdge, LG Chem

PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, the nation’s largest privately held solar and roofing company, has joined forces with SolarEdge and LG Chem to offer homeowners an affordable path to solar ownership and energy storage. SolarEdge will supply an intelligent inverter solution to manage PV production, consumption and both on-grid and backup storage to help increase energy independence for PetersenDean’s residential installations. LG Chem will provide the Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU) 10H 9.8 kWh battery pack, which is compatible with SolarEdge and uses the same technology that has been used in other LG Chem applications.

Petersen Dean


“Technology has significantly evolved over the years—especially with batteries and inverters. PetersenDean is proud to offer these two well-trusted brands to customers,” said Jim Petersen, president and CEO of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar. “Both of these companies’ commitment to technology, coupled with efficient and high-quality manufacturing processes produces solutions that exhibit the highest levels of safety, performance, and reliability.”

Providing PetersenDean customers with intelligently managed energy storage from reliable companies, this solution helps meet an important goal for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 solar and roof systems each month nationally.

“During the last few years, our customers have been asking us for better home energy storage solutions. While some systems only function when the grid goes down, others only work to help limit grid use in moments when their solar system is not producing the amount of energy needed to power their home. By combining SolarEdge’s StorEdge solution with LG Chem batteries, customers can enjoy both options by managing and monitoring PV and battery status through a single platform. It provides the peace of mind that when the grid goes down, they’ll still have power backup,” said Petersen.

Petersen added that customers will save substantially in the long term. “Storage systems such as this help customers improve their system payback by increasing the amount of PV energy they consume. They can store excess solar and draw from it when needed. This avoids unnecessary fees and taxes, while giving them the flexibility in an ever-changing utility landscape.”

LG Chem is the global leader in lithium-ion batteries with a market-leading position in advanced batteries for grid-scale, residential storage and automotive applications. Its lithium ion battery technology is the product of 23 years of experience in the development and production of mobile batteries and large format batteries for automotive and energy storage systems. For residential storage applications, LG Chem is using the same technology that has been used in its utility-scale projects.

Linh Tran, Sales Manager of LG Chem, said, “With the growth and advancement of residential storage batteries, we are pleased to team up with a leading installer, PetersenDean, specializing in new residential and commercial construction in the US market.”


— Solar Builder magazine

Mission Solar to start supplying PV modules to PetersenDean Roofing & Solar

mission solar pv modules

Mission Solar Energy, U.S. manufacturer of high-power solar modules, and PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, the nation’s largest privately held solar and roofing company, have joined forces. Together, the companies will offer homeowners an affordable path to solar ownership using American-built materials installed by U.S. workers. Mission Solar Energy will supply high-performance solar panels assembled at the company’s headquarters factory in San Antonio, Texas, for PetersenDean residential installations.

This alliance helps meet two important goals for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 solar and roof systems each month nationally: Providing PetersenDean customers with intelligently managed energy storage, and using roofing materials manufactured in the U.S.

“We made a decision at PetersenDean to source as many of our products as possible from North America,” said Jim Petersen, president and CEO of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar. “As a result, we are supporting the American economy, supporting the American worker and reinvesting those dollars back in America. It’s that simple. I want to make sure that our products stand the test of time and that our customers are happy. That’s why we choose to utilize Mission Solar Energy products. We can help customers lower their electric bills, help the environment and help the economy.”

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Mission Solar Energy will supply PetersenDean with their high-power MSE PERC 60 modules that feature a 60-cell design and sleek, all-black aesthetics. This product has been a customer favorite since hitting the market early this year, selling in all four corners of the country. Mission Solar Energy expects to supply between 2 and 4MW of modules to PetersenDean each month, from their state-of-the-art 250MW capacity facility in Texas.


— Solar Builder magazine

PetersenDean to hire 50 employees to boost solar efforts in Nevada

Petersen Dean

PetersenDean Roofing & Solar, a privately-held roofing and solar company, is expanding of its solar division in Nevada in response to the newly reinstated energy policy signed into effect last week by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. With this expansion, PetersenDean expects to hire at least 50 new employees and pursue 1,200 new projects annually, valued at over $30 million.

The new Assembly Bill 405 returns net metering to Nevada residents making residential solar viable again. After the policy changes in 2015 virtually ended net metering programs, these recent changes allow homeowners to purchase solar and return to the existing rate classes of all other consumers. Once again, they will be protected from discriminatory rates, charges, and fees. Provisions of the bill also establish stronger warranties and disclosure policies that are designed to protect consumers.

While other solar companies have recently announced their return to Nevada, the PetersenDean team has experience in the Nevada new construction market dating back to 1965. The firm is the second largest roofer in the state and retains about 35 percent of all new construction market share.

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The new policy, which goes into effect immediately, means that customers with solar will get approximately 95 percent of the retail value of excess solar-produced electricity sent to the grid when it’s sold back to utilities. This will bottom out at 75 percent. Additionally, the amended legislation allows homeowners to “shave” electricity from the most expensive tiers off their bills first.

This expansion helps meet two important goals for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 solar and roof systems each month nationally: Providing PetersenDean custom-ers with intelligently managed energy storage, and using products assembled in the U.S.

“We made a decision years ago to offer consumers the best products at the best price and to never offer a PPA or lease option when consumers are considering solar panels for their source of low-cost, clean and reliable energy. I am delighted to see Nevada do the right thing when it comes to solar energy,” said Petersen.

— Solar Builder magazine

New solar+storage partnership coming from PetersenDean Roofing, Sunverge


Leading energy storage developer Sunverge Energy and national solar installer PetersenDean Roofing & Solar are partnering to provide energy storage systems to homeowners in California. The partnership helps meet two important goals for PetersenDean, which installs about 2,000 rooftop solar systems each month nationally: Providing PetersenDean customers with intelligently managed energy storage, and using products manufactured in the U.S.

“Energy storage is rapidly becoming a standard component of efficient rooftop solar installations that are ready for the future,” said Jim Petersen, Founder and CEO of PetersenDean Roofing & Solar. “We’re committed to delivering solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers and all American-made products, a commitment we made years ago. We looked to Sunverge, an industry leader for safety and experience to help fulfill this important goal.”

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Sunverge systems allow customers to capture the power they generate from their rooftop solar and, thanks to built-in intelligence, automatically use it when demand and energy prices are highest. With Sunverge energy storage systems, homeowners create their own power using environmentally friendly renewable energy, allowing PetersenDean solar and storage owners to be more energy independent and help reduce the need to use electricity from central, fossil-fuel fired plants.

“The residential battery marketplace is only getting hotter. By combining solar and advanced battery technology with smart software, homeowners can optimize their energy use by balancing consumption of stored and renewable energy while also reducing energy demand,” said Petersen. “Batteries make it possible for homeowners to use stored solar energy during peak times when utility rates are at their highest, which keeps bills lower.”

By using the Sunverge energy management platform that integrates with each storage system, PetersenDean can offer backup power during electric outages, bill savings and additional value-added services to its thousands of solar customers.

PetersenDean is the nation’s largest privately held solar and roofing company and known for its advanced solar system technology and its American-made solar and roofing products. The partnership is a key element of Solar4America, PetersenDean’s initiative to support American jobs, manufacturing and energy independence by sourcing solar panels and all system components from domestic producers. Along with Sunverge Energy batteries, PetersenDean solar system includes Buy-American-Act-compliant panels, inverters and racking installed by the construction company’s U.S. workforce.

— Solar Builder magazine