SolarEdge comes out with its highest wattage power optimizer #SPI

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is showcasing its expanded PV solutions at SPI, which includes the launch of its highest wattage power optimizer – the P800. Behold:

SolarEdge power optimizer

Installers can now connect even higher-wattage modules in a 2-to-1 configuration in commercial projects, thus reducing installation time on the roof, lowering part count, and increasing system energy production. The expansion also includes new monitoring capabilities to improve PV asset management with the launch of a new commercial cellular solution that directly integrates with weather stations and Revenue Grade Meters (RGMs) that are available from SolarEdge. Enabling monitoring via GSM networks and display of revenue-grade data, the solution is designed to improve connectivity and data accuracy for commercial sites in the SolarEdge monitoring platform.

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As part of its smart energy management solution, SolarEdge is increasing the capabilities of its StorEdge offering for self-consumption and backup power. StorEdge now supports double battery installations for twice the power and twice the energy.

“SolarEdge is committed to elevating the solar energy experience by continually providing innovative solutions that offer benefits to our customers,” stated Peter Mathews, North America General Manager. “The expanded portfolio we are showing at Solar Power International this year represents our growth in all areas of the solar energy market including residential, commercial, and utility solutions.”


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SolarEdge’s StorEdge now compatible with LG Chem’s new high voltage batteries

solaredge lg chem

With both on-grid and backup solutions, the new offering supports increasing self-consumption, providing power backup, and enabling energy independence. This is the self-consumption version.

SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services, and LG Chem Ltd, announced the compatibility of SolarEdge’s StorEdge solutions and LG Chem’s new high voltage RESU10H and RESU7H batteries. The product compatibility will help further advance the accessibility to cost-effective residential solar generation, storage, and consumption.

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With both on-grid and backup solutions, the new offering supports increasing self-consumption, providing power backup and enabling energy independence. LG Chem’s RESU batteries use Li-ion technology, and their compactness allows for easy and flexible installation, both inside and outside. The RESU batteries have a high energy density and are designed for high efficiencies and a long lifetime.

“Through this collaboration, SolarEdge is adding LG Chem RESU batteries to our StorEdge solution compatibility in order to extend our offering of cost-effective and integrated energy generation, storage, and consumption,” stated Lior Handelsman, Marketing and Product Strategy VP of SolarEdge. “Building on our respective expertise, we hope to lower the cost of solar energy and accelerate the adoption rate of integrated solar energy generation and storage.”

“Offering battery compatibility with SolarEdge’s StorEdge solution is ideal as the company is a leading global inverter manufacturer,” said Sung Hoon Jang, Ph.D, Senior Vice President of LG Chem and Head of ESS Battery Division. “Taking RESU’s compatibility with various inverters as a key factor, LG Chem is very pleased to announce StorEdge as one of our main compatible inverters.”

Designed to manage both functions with just one SolarEdge DC optimized inverter, the combined solution will include remote monitoring and troubleshooting to keep operations and maintenance costs low. The StorEdge™ solution will support both DC and AC coupling. As with SolarEdge PV systems, StorEdge™ offers enhanced safety by reducing voltage to a safe level upon AC shut down when not in backup mode. The upgrading of existing SolarEdge systems is supported.

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SolarEdge extends commercial inverter line #Intersolar

SolarEdge commercial invertersSolarEdge is extending its commercial offering with the launch of SE14.4K and SE33.3K three-phase inverters. These inverters are meant to minimize the number of required inverters and to improve system ROI. All inverters have integrated safety, monitoring, and communication features.

Designed to operate with SolarEdge commercial power optimizers, the P600 and P700, the inverters can allow up to 2.5 times longer strings compared to traditional inverters. The SE14.4KUS inverter supports the 120/208V WYE and 208V Delta grids, and the SE33.3KUS inverter supports the 277/480V WYE grid.

The new inverters come with an integrated DC Safety Switch that offers support for 3 fused DC string inputs (plus & minus). Like all SolarEdge inverters, the new inverters have a standard 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years. The new inverters will begin shipping in August 2015.

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SolarEdge now preferred optimized inverter provider for Sunrun

SolarEdge Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of PV inverters, power optimizers and module-level monitoring services, and Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S., have formed a strategic supply relationship. As part of the agreement, SolarEdge will serve as Sunrun’s preferred supplier of optimized inverter solutions available for use in Sunrun’s home solar installations and through its distribution business, AEE Solar.

solaredge“Sunrun has focused on integrating innovative technologies into our business so we continue to deliver the best experience to new and existing customers,” said Paul Winnowski, chief operating officer of Sunrun. “We’re excited to partner with SolarEdge to ensure Sunrun customers have high quality home solar systems resulting in increased energy production and lower electricity costs.”

SolarEdge’s optimized inverters enable Sunrun customers to benefit from more flexible system designs, enhanced rooftop safety, and increased home energy production levels through features like SafeDC, integrated rapid shutdown, cellular connectivity and storage readiness. The technology also provides homeowners with remote troubleshooting and access to real-time performance data through the SolarEdge cloud-based monitoring platform.

sunrun“As one of the largest inverter companies supplying the U.S. residential market, we’re pleased that our optimized products are part of the Sunrun family product offering,” said Peter Mathews, North America General Manager for SolarEdge. “We are proud to align ourselves with a respected organization like Sunrun and look forward to working together to elevate the solar experience for more consumers nationwide.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Andalay module compatible with SolarEdge power optimizers

Andalay Solar, Inc., a supplier of integrated solar power systems, announced that its Instant Connect Module is compatible with power optimizers supplied by SolarEdge Technologies, a large provider of PV inverters, power optimizers, and module-level monitoring services. The SolarEdge module add-on power optimizer can now be snapped onto the Andalay module frame using Andalay’s bracket.

solaredgeAndalay and SolarEdge have also agreed to work on developing DC Instant Connect, a solution that will embed the power optimizer cables into the frame of the Andalay module to allow faster cable connection between modules with the intention of eliminating costly wire management issues. In addition to the plug and play wiring, the DC Instant Connect rail-less module further simplifies installation since it has built-in racking and grounding.

“SolarEdge is always seeking partners such as Andalay who have time and cost saving innovations in the critical balance-of-systems area within the U.S. rooftop solar market where we are seeing such high growth,” said Peter Mathews, North America General Manager for SolarEdge. “When the Andalay system is combined with the SolarEdge power optimizer in a plug and play manner, we can see great benefits for labor savings and more reliable, repeatable installations.”

“We believe working with SolarEdge strategically enhances our product portfolio and are very excited that SolarEdge has approved our Andalay technology for direct attachment of its power optimizer and will work with us to co-develop our Instant Connect product as being plug-and-play with the SolarEdge power optimizer,” said Steven Chan, CEO of Andalay Solar. “We are seeing high demand for this integrated product which complements our AC Instant Connect Product and we believe that combining the Andalay and SolarEdge technologies will increase performance, mitigate power loss and make our systems even more reliable and easy to install.”

— Solar Builder magazine