KEI Solar debuts new Eulektra ALVA rooftop racking system in U.S.

ALVA racking systemKEI Solar announced the availability of the Eulektra ALVA Solar Racking System for North American solar installers and commercial projects. Developed in Germany, the Eulektra solar racking system has been extensively tested and installed through Europe and is now available for U.S. solar installations.

Designed for flat roofs, the lightweight (just 22 lbs per square meter (10.7 sq. ft.) Eulektra system is easy to install. It is wind resistant without requiring additional weights and offers better power generation results than competing panel installation technologies.

Because of its compact design, solar panels can be mounted closer together than with other mounting technologies (One-fifth of an inch apart!). This enables installers to install more panels on a roof and/or provide additional roof space for other rooftop machinery and systems.

“Because the Eulektra system does not require any roof penetration, there is much less concern about creating roof leaks that are difficult and expensive to repair,” says Jens Kautzor, CEO of KEI Solar. “Simple to set-up, the ALVA system consists of interconnected adjustable aluminum pieces that can be snapped together and be quickly installed by using only a power screwdriver and pliers. No special training or expertise is required”.

After the entire system is laid out on the roof and interconnected with the provided bracing, the aluminum structure is then secured to the building by using steel cables that are anchored in the building walls and mounted into the cable channels of the ALVA system. This installation method guarantees that the roof cladding remains completely undamaged. No more leaks.

Here are some images that demonstrate the install.

The ALVA system is resistant to swirling winds and has been hurricane wind speed tested. It also requires less maintenance than other systems. Considering that aluminum expands and contracts as the temperature changes, the ALVA system is flexible, protecting panels against breakage caused by rapid temperature changes. To ensure good rain drainage, the system can be elevated with provided 10cm by 10cm installations pads.

— Solar Builder magazine

GameChange releases Gen4 Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System

You probably already know about previous versions of the Pour-in-Place. Well, GameChange has announced a newer edition, the Gen4 Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System, that will be available for shipping in Q4 2015.

Gamechange racking pour in place

The latest innovation features:

• Even faster install.
• Up to 25% less concrete due to optimized ballast distribution.
• Up to 12.5% slopes in all directions with no ballast supporting leveling material.
• Up to 17.5% in all directions with minimal ballast supporting leveling material.
• Rugged leave-behind NextGen round HMWPE plastic forms require no temporary bracing while pouring concrete.

Be sure to read this rundown for mounting in landfills, brownfields and water-saturated sites

“At GameChange we are driven to change the world by making solar energy affordable,” said Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking. “This is not only about reducing solar racking cost but also about cutting install time to help customers reduce their total installed cost.”

Additional features of the GC Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System:

• Patent pending protected system with self-leveling technology: 68% faster install than precast.
• Integrated grounding and wire management.
• Available in both 1 and 2 panels up in portrait.
• 20 year warranty.
• ETL / UL 2703 tested.
• Independent assessment by Black & Veatch.
• Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP.

— Solar Builder magazine

New RBI Solar Location Better Serves the West Coast

rbi-solar-california-officeMark your calendars for Feb. 10 because that’s the day that RBI Solar will open its new office in Temecula, California.

RBI Solar, the leading solar racking manufacturer for ground mount and carport solar, says the office will be dedicated to manufacturing solar mounting systems and business development.

The new 60,000-sq-ft office, at 27711 Diaz Road, draws upon the highly skilled workforce in California. RBI has hired employees for various manufacturing positions along with designers, engineers and account representatives and is planning to hire up to 20 more by the end of 2015.

“Manufacturing and installing optimally engineered solar mounting systems at competitive price is a key to our continued success as a business for more than 80-years,” said Bill Vietas, general manager. “California was our first choice as a location since it offers close proximity to ongoing and future projects.”

RBI Solar is the first company to offer a complete turnkey solution for solar mounting systems. With an in-house team of engineers and designers, RBI provides low-maintenance racking solutions, which are designed to site-specific conditions.

— Solar Builder magazine