Seraphim adds 1 GW of half-cell module capacity with new factory in China


Seraphim’s bifacial products use a double layer of glass combined with advanced two-sided PV cells, generating up to 25 percent more clean electricity than standard modules. The bifacial technology is expected to dominate the solar market because of its lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and Seraphim is taking major steps to supply this fast-growing demand.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. set up a new plant in northern China’s Shanxi province to mainly produce high-efficiency half-cell modules. The new plant, set up jointly with Shanxi Lu’An Photovoltaics Technology Co. Ltd., will manufacture 1 GW of ultra-efficient modules annually, including standard half-cell, dual-glass half-cell, and bifacial half-cell modules, according to Seraphim.

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The plant will commence operations in early May 2019.

“Seraphim and Lu’An’s highly automated facilities feature the latest internally-developed quality control systems, which can now cut manufacturing costs and management overhead by about 50 percent. Our ultimate goal is to make the Seraphim brand synonymous with cost-effective, reliable products for all of our end users,” said Polaris Li, president of Seraphim.

“The partnership with Seraphim marks the cooperation between state-owned and private enterprises to link upstream and downstream supply chains”, said Deng Ming, chairman of Lu’An Photovoltaics Technology Co. Ltd., adding that he foresaw how the cooperation would help improve product performance, drive sales, and enhance competitiveness.

— Solar Builder magazine

Solaria, Seraphim teaming up to develop, mass produce solar module technology


Solaria Corporation, a global provider of solar module products and technologies, has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Seraphim Solar. Pursuant to the agreement, both companies will work together to develop advanced photovoltaic manufacturing technologies and implement these technologies for mass production.

“Key energy industry players recognize the technology advancements that Solaria has commercialized with its high performance PowerXT module series and its solar shingling products,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “Seraphim is the ideal partner for the joint development of new solar technologies and helping us realize those technologies into mass production. Through economies of scale, we expect to not only bring down the overall cost of the module itself, but also enhance the performance and profitability of solar power systems.”

“Seraphim is thrilled to reach such collaboration agreement with Solaria, which will further strengthen Seraphim’s leadership position for high-efficiency modules globally,” said Polaris Li, CEO of Jiangsu Seraphim Solar. “This agreement is a strong commitment from both parties to bring shingling technology to full mass production and make it a mainstream technology for the solar industry.”

Solaria’s PowerXT module series and its solar shingling products utilizes advanced cell interconnect and module production processes to create a new standard in PV module efficiency and reduction in system costs. Providing labor savings on racking and system components, Solaria’s PowerXT module series and its solar shingling products significantly boost power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance. This ensures that solar installers maximize power deployment on customer roofs – enabling them to install attractive, cost-effective distributed power plants that accelerate payback period and profitability.

— Solar Builder magazine