Soligent partners with Chilicon Power for grid-support inverter, monitoring solutions

Soligent Distribution, the leading distributor of solar equipment in the United States, has partnered with Chilicon Power, a tech-forward designer and manufacturer of grid-support inverter and monitoring solutions, to expand its quality product menu.

Soligent, a pure play solar distributor, financier and technology platform supplies over 5,000 solar installers with best-in-class panels, inverters, racking and balance of systems across the U.S. and over 45 countries. Soligent is eager to partner with Chilicon Power in part due to the CP100 gateway monitoring system created so customers can view and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day from the comfort of anywhere in their home. Soligent is dedicated in providing its customers with high quality products and Chilicon Power has met and exceeded that standard. Together, Soligent and Chilicon Power strive toward a brighter, clean-tech future.

“We believe in providing quality products to our customers and Chilicon Power has met and exceeded our standards,” said Thomas Enzendorfer, President at Soligent, “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

“Soligent and Chilicon share similar visions for the evolution of inversion and monitoring systems and we are pleased to partner with them”, commented Alexandre Kral and Dr. Christopher R. Jones, Co-Founders of Chilicon Power.

— Solar Builder magazine

Soligent buys REPOWER America solar franchise, distribution network (formerly Solar Universe)

Solar Engine LLC, a subsidiary of Soligent Holdings Inc., acquired the REPOWER America solar franchise and distribution network (known formerly as Solar Universe). As a result, Soligent will now offer its equipment, logistics, engineering and finance solutions to the REPOWER America franchisees. Additionally, Soligent dealers will be able to join the REPOWER network and leverage a wealth of resources to help grow their businesses.

Soligent, a solar distributor, financier and technology platform, supplies over 5,000 solar installers with panels, inverters, racking and balance of systems across the U.S. and over 45 countries. REPOWER is the largest solar franchise business in the Americas supporting hundreds of nationwide installers having completed over 10,000 projects. Marathon Capital LLC provided advisory services and facilitated the transaction. This acquisition builds upon a history of solar acquisitions and mergers at Soligent, including the recent acquisition of EnergieBau, Sunwize, and Conergy’s distribution networks.

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Mahesh Mansukhani, CEO of REPOWER Americas stated, “Since our inception 10 years ago, we have focused solely on bringing innovative solutions and tools to our franchisee partners and homeowners across the country. In coming together with Soligent, we will now significantly expand our reach and also leverage their operational expertise, developed over 39 years serving a nation-wide installer base. Together, we will be bringing the very best solutions that the industry has to offer.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Solaria PowerXT modules now being distributed by Soligent

Solaria PowerXT residential solar modules are now being distributed by Soligent, the largest pure play solar distributor in the Americas, headquartered in Petaluma, Calif. Solaria’s high-efficiency PowerXT 330Wp residential module is one of the industry’s most bankable solar products.


The PowerXT module line offers homeowners and businesses a 20% higher energy yield over conventional modules. Thanks to a patented cell cutting and module assembly process, Solaria PowerXT solar modules provide high power with a sleek design. The 330W panels mean labor savings on racking and system components over other lower wattage modules. With Solaria expanding its PowerXT solar cell and module manufacturing line at its headquarters in Fremont, California, it will provide U.S. installers with a top offering of products.

“Soligent is proud to partner with Solaria to make PowerXT available across the country. Soligent, with its 38 years of solar expertise, is excited to introduce Solaria’s high quality, beautifully engineered PV modules to our customers,” said Soligent President Thomas Enzendorfer. Soligent CEO Jon Doochin said “Solaria’s PowerXT accelerates payback period and installer profits, giving our installers a competitive edge. When coupled with Soligent’s distribution capability, Solar Engine financing, system designs, and our Soligent Elite loyalty program, Soligent is equipping its installers with more tools to succeed than ever before.”

Solaria BIPV technology now available through CleanFund Commercial PACE financing

— Solar Builder magazine

CleanFund, Soligent partner on new financing option for solar equipment dealers

solar financing report

CleanFund, a specialty direct provider of long-term PACE financing for renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation and seismic improvements to commercial properties in the U.S., and Soligent, a large-volume distributor of solar system products in the U.S., have entered a partnership to help solar equipment dealers sell more solar energy systems to commercial building owners.

More specifically, CleanFund has entered into an agreement with Solar Engine, a Soligent entity, to finance the purchase and installation of solar panel systems for commercial, multifamily, nonprofit and other nonresidential buildings in the U.S. Dealers and installers who are members of the Soligent network can now access CleanFund’s SolarPACE financing programs for their prospects and customers to drive growth in sales of solar systems.

The CleanFund/Soligent partnership comes as President Obama last week reiterated the Administration’s support for PACE as an effective mechanism to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to buildings.

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“Our new partnership program with CleanFund can greatly help solar dealers grow commercial solar systems sales by making cost-effective financing readily available to property owners,” said Jeremy Doochin, Vice President of Business Development at Soligent. “Soligent dealers now have another powerful tool to help expand the market for commercial systems.”

CleanFund’s new SolarPACE program was designed specifically for solar project financing and enables commercial property owners to achieve immediate positive cash flow, with a financing term of up to 30 years to match the expected life of solar PV systems.

“Our capital will help Soligent dealers close more commercial sales,” said Brandon Deno, Vice President of Solar at CleanFund. “It’s a mutually beneficial partnership.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Soligent now offering Panasonic HIT solar modules

Panasonic HIT panelsAs one of North America’s top solar distributors, Soligent always goes the extra mile for its dealers, staying ahead of industry trends and looking for new products that can help us advance the adoption of solar energy on a mass market level. With that in mind, Soligent will be offering the 325W HIT solar modules from Panasonic, which are ideal for small roofs as they generate the highest yield per square-meter, and thus, produce more energy than high-efficiency solar modules from other manufacturers–without taking up any additional roof space.

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“We know that solar installers are always in competition for their customers’ dollars, and the lowest cost solution is not always the factor to make or break a solar deal,” Soligent stated. “With the latest addition to our product offering, Soligent dealers now have access to a high-efficiency solar module for customers that demand the highest quality solar power systems.”

Benefits of Panasonic’s HIT Solar Modules:

  • 19.7% module efficiency
  • High performance in high temperatures
  • 25-year power output warranty
  • More energy, higher profit

Thanks to an innovative surface treatment, the pyramidal photovoltaic solar cell structure is able to capture sunlight more effectively and reduce reflection, leading to higher energy production compared to conventional solar cells.

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— Solar Builder magazine