New York’s Sunrise Solar Solutions starts to install sonnenBatterie with solar systems


Sunrise Solar Solutions LLC, the largest locally owned and operated solar installation company in New York’s Westchester County and the Hudson Valley, unveiled the  sonnenBatterie battery back-up solar power system at last weekend’s Fall Westchester Home Show in White Plains, N.Y. To ensure power reliability and cost efficiency — the battery features a unique power detection system that will sense outages in real-time and will automatically switch over to battery power.

The sonnenBatterie is available as a separate purchase. However, Sunrise has also created a more cost-efficient option with its special value-added offer that combines a complete solar system installation-and-battery package – including a 30 percent federal tax credit.

According to reports, the majority of home and business owners experience anxiety related to losing power, especially as it affects their ability to perform daily household and business tasks. Many say that portable generators are not reliable enough to alleviate their worries as they often break down, and require gasoline to run. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, studies found that 30-50% of people who survived suffered from PTSD. After Hurricane Sandy, more than 20% of residents reported PTSD, 33% reported depression and 46% reported anxiety, according to Fortune Magazine.

The sonnenBatterie is a 24/7 home energy storage solution that uses intelligent software to manage the energy needs of your home, every minute of every day, season after season. Practically speaking, this means that you’re not only covered throughout the day, but then able to use your solar power at night too. And should a power outage occur, sonnenBatterie has the capacity to keep you humming along even during extended grid failures. The program is user-friendly and even features a downloadable sonnenApp where you can check your energy usage and production anytime and from anywhere. You can, therefore, monitor, analyze and take control from your smartphone or tablet as much or as little as you like.

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Says Sunrise president and CEO Douglas Hertz: “We have customers that have been asking and asking for the power assurance of a battery, and here we are! We’re really excited to be able to offer this now, and especially with such great savings included with the federal tax credit.”

He added, “In addition to eliminating worries about getting caught in the dark or shivering in the cold, adding battery backup to solar installations is an important step to increasing grid resiliency and furthering the move towards clean energy.”

— Solar Builder magazine

sonnen hits another big deal, completes new financing round of $85 million

The sonnen Group, a leader in intelligent battery storage in Europe, successfully completed a new financing round with a total equity amount of $85 million USD.

Sonnen batteryThe financing enables sonnen to continue its dynamic growth as an energy innovator in Germany and deepen its expansion into international markets. This continued growth includes the development of new products such as the energy sharing platform known as the sonnenCommunity and the further expansion of its business in the United States, Australia, UK and Italy.

Through this investment two new partners are backing the growing energy services company, joining existing investors including eCAPITAL, MVP, SET Ventures, Inven Capital and GE Ventures. The international technology company Envision Energy, and Thomas Putter, former CEO and ex-Chairman of Allianz Capital Partners and a leading investor in renewable energy technology, gain a minority stake in sonnen. ROTH Capital Partners advised sonnen on the transaction.

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In addition to its high-quality wind turbines, Envision Energy also develops world’s leading intelligent software for the orchestration of the future energy world, which consists of a variety of decentralized energy sources and devices. Envision is represented worldwide and maintains numerous research and development centers in Asia, Europe and the United States, including Silicon Valley, Houston, Texas and Boulder, Colorado.

“We want to become the energy supplier of the future. Fast growth and leadership in innovation are the keys to reaching this goal”, says Christoph Ostermann, CEO of sonnen Group. “With Envision Energy, we have gained a strategic investor who shares our vision, supplements our technology and has a strong presence in both the U.S. and Asian markets.”

sonnen develops and manufactures the sonnenBatterie smart energy management systems in Germany and in San José, California. Through its sonnenCommunity, homeowners throughout Germany can produce, store and share their own electricity. sonnen’s latest development, the sonnenFlat, is the next step in virtual power plants enabling thousands of sonnenBatteries to be aggregated into one large storage pool that provides balancing energy for the powergrid in Germany.

— Solar Builder magazine

Sonnen batteries available in Eastern U.S. through

sonnen batterie eco

Homeowners in the Eastern United States can now turn to, an online energy efficiency marketplace, to reserve sonnen residential battery storage products.

sonnen launched in the US market in 2015 and manufactures its sonnenBatterie products in California. With more than 12,000 battery systems working with solar electric systems in multiple countries, sonnen is a global market leader in residential energy storage. Each sonnenBatterie uses intelligent energy management software to automatically control solar energy consumption, storing excess solar electricity for use later in the day and providing backup electricity in the event of a utility outage. The batteries can also be charged with a standby generator.

Enersave staff were among the first in the Eastern U.S. to be trained on the installation and operation of the sonnenBatterie units.

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“Given sonnen’s leadership in the battery storage market with the most real world installations and the most advanced, intelligent battery systems, it was an easy decision to align our business with them,” said Dennis Wilson, CEO of Enersave. “We are excited to be among the first to offer residential battery storage with our unique smart meter sizing service, and to be on the forefront of helping solar homeowners gain more energy independence. From my experience in developing more than 600 residential and commercial PV systems since 2005, I believe battery adoption will grow rapidly and become an integral part of the electric grid of the future.”

Once a customer makes a reservation for their system at, a smart home meter is installed that tracks electric consumption and solar generation, and that data is used to recommend the appropriate battery size system for the customer’s needs.

— Solar Builder magazine

sonnen’s new residential storage unit offered at 40 percent lower price

sonnen batterie eco

We’ve had our eye on sonnen since it finally jumped into the U.S. residential market last year. The company’s latest announcement, just in time for Intersolar, is a new energy storage at a significantly reduced price: up to 40 percent the cost of its other products.

The sonnenBatterie eco compact is designed to increase grid-tied solar consumption in an all-in-one residential solar battery solution. Using sonnen’s proven self-learning software, the eco compact provides various grid-tied functions – increasing household solar self-consumption, managing time-of-use and supporting grid services, not including backup power. sonnen’s fully integrated 4 kWh eco compact system retails for $5,950 without installation for a fully integrated system including the inverter, the durable battery modules with a 10,000 cycle lifetime, the smart energy manager and the measurement technology. The modular design allows the product to be easily expanded in 4kWh increments up to 16 kilowatt hours in a single compact unit.

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“We’ve seen increasing demand from our installation partners for a lower cost energy storage product that enables homeowners to use more of the power generated by rooftop solar systems,” says Boris von Bormann, CEO of sonnen, Inc. “With the sonnenBatterie eco compact we are providing a simple, cost-effective version of our proven energy management technology that enables more solar-powered homeowners to supply up to 100 percent of their own power needs. As a result we expect to see a dramatic increase in the installation of storage across the country.”

The grid-tied eco compact is key to enabling solar powered homes to store excess solar for use later in the day – increasing the daily consumption of self-generated renewable energy at a much lower cost. By adding a sonnenBatterie eco compact to new or existing photovoltaic systems, residential customers are expected to see a greater return on their solar investment by expanding the use of solar energy throughout the day, including peak time-of-use reduction. In several markets the eco compact provides an economic benefit to the end of net-metering in states like Arizona and Nevada and enables customers to comply with self-supply programs in states like Hawaii by generating and storing up to 100% of their own power.

sonnen’s existing products are currently installed in over 12,000 households globally and include the currently available sonnenBatterie eco protect, a robust residential smart energy management system that provides backup power, off-grid, solar self-consumption and time-of-use for smart homes. The sonnenBatterie pro is sonnen’s commercial and industrial product that provides peak shaving and demand response capabilities and is available in Q4 2016.

The sonnenBatterie eco compact is available for pre-order today and products will ship by the end of Q4 2016.

— Solar Builder magazine

GE invests in energy storage company sonnen

sonnenGE Ventures joins sonnen’s mission to form the utility of the future. The venture arm of one of the world’s largest technology companies becomes an investor of sonnen Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of residential lithium storage systems and operator of Europe’s first online energy sharing platform.

GE Ventures joins sonnen’s current investors to support the continued international growth of sonnen Group. “sonnen is helping to reshape the energy industry,” said Jonathan Pulitzer, Managing Director at GE Ventures. “We believe in sonnen’s vision and that is why we are excited to partner to provide clean and affordable energy to all.”

“With GE Ventures, we have not only partnered with one of the world’s largest power and water technology companies but gained a supporter for our vision of a sustainable and affordable energy future for all,” said Christoph Ostermann, Co-Founder and CEO of sonnen Group.

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As a digital industrial company, GE operates through several segments: Power, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Energy Connections, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Appliances and Digital. In its power segment, GE provides a broad array of power generation, energy delivery, and water process technologies.

sonnen develops and produces the smart storage system “sonnenBatterie,” which has enabled more than 10,000 households worldwide, to meet their energy needs with self-produced renewable energy. In the “sonnenCommunity” households can share their self-produced energy with other people and can become completely independent of conventional suppliers.

— Solar Builder magazine