Safari Energy awards solar portfolio maintenance contract to SunSystem Technology

Safari energy

Safari Energy has awarded solar PV services provider SunSystem Technology with its preventive maintenance portfolio — a three-year contract to conduct system inspections, testing and maintenance. The work spans more than 130 projects totaling over 80 megawatts (MW) of solar power generation capacity in 18 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii.

“Safari Energy is committed to delivering optimal returns for our large real estate portfolio clients, and this agreement with SunSystem Technology will further streamline our process and enhance solar power generation, ultimately increasing financial performance for our clients,” said Matt Rudey, Chief Executive Office, Safari Energy. “We will continue to seek out high-quality partners who deliver market-leading services, fulfilling our sophisticated approach to investing.”

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Preventive maintenance of solar power systems is an important investment to avoid costly repairs, extend system lifetime and increase system uptime. It is estimated that a well-maintained system will perform 10-30% better than one that is not, potentially leading to millions of dollars in savings across large real estate portfolio. To date, as a result of careful maintenance and expert execution, Safari Energy’s more than 250-project fleet has performed at 104% of its proforma on a weather-adjusted basis.

As large real estate portfolio owners increasingly look to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, technology and innovation also play an important role in ensuring financial returns are optimized. In order to maintain Safari Energy’s commercial solar power systems, SunSystem Technology will deploy cutting edge tools, using drones, artificial intelligence and aerial thermography to assess system performance and identify areas to address.

— Solar Builder magazine

Solar O&M boom: SunSystem Technology hits service milestone

As solar installs grow, so too does the O&M side of the industry — maybe even more so. SunSystem Technology LLC is an independent solar services provider that dabbles in residential solar installation, residential O&M services, commercial O&M services, and EPC services. On the O&M side, the company just completed its 20,000th service ticket across the country during the last 36 months.

“The scope of our service coverage allows us to deliver significant scale to our clients, while optimizing the geographic locations of our technical service centers provides for very quick deployment of service technicians,” said Jeff Hammer, COO for SST.


The combination of improved economies-of-scale through incremental portfolio growth, and the ability to achieve optimized geographic deployment of services has been a strategic objective of the company’s since its inception.

“The ultimate beneficiaries of this milestone are our clients,” said Derek Chase, CEO for SunSystem Technology. “Whether they are using our O&M services for residential or commercial systems, our market position is allowing us to drive lower operational costs and increased efficiencies to their bottom lines. Many of our clients have a regional presence, and working with us allows them to tap into resources at lower cost points than they could achieve on their own,” Chase added.

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Since its inception the company has maintained a consistent commitment to investing in training its technical service staff in order to maintain premium quality service and highly specialized skillsets to provide leading-edge knowledge of the systems they care for.

“As the solar industry continues to consolidate, specialization and increasing economies-of-scale within the O&M segment is resulting in fewer solar and asset management companies executing O&M services on their own,” Derek Chase said. “Our ability to capitalize on these market trends, while improving system performance and production values for our clients, has been the focus of our growth strategy,”

Chase concluded. Among the largest commercial and residential O&M service providers in the US, SunSystem Technology’s reach now extends from Hawaii to Massachusetts providing proactive O&M care across 18 states.

— Solar Builder magazine

Enphase sells Next Phase Solar O&M division to SunSystem Technology

SunSystem Technology LLC (SST) and Enphase Energy are saying that SST has acquired the Residential Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Field Services Division of Next Phase Solar from Enphase. In addition, the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership in which SST will serve as Enphase’s primary residential O&M service provider.

Enphase EnergyThe companies believe the transaction enhances the focus of each company on core strengths. It fulfills SunSystem Technology’s goal of efficiently and profitably servicing the nation’s rapidly growing residential solar infrastructure, and enables Enphase to concentrate resources on continuing to bring to market innovative energy technology products.

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The addition of Enphase’s residential field services division makes SunSystem Technology the nation’s largest residential solar O&M service provider, and the only PV solar company with the capacity to efficiently provide those services across the United States.

“Transitioning the residential field services that were part of our Next Phase business to SST leverages their core strengths and experiences to best service our residential customers and enhances our ability to focus on our core business priorities: launching the next generation of our industry-leading microinverters, the Enphase storage system, and our AC Modules,” said Paul Nahi, president and CEO of Enphase. “Enphase and SST share a common commitment to excellence in customer service. The quality and commitment to customer care we see in SST’s proven ability to bring greater scale to these services across the U.S. will benefit our customer base and the industry as a whole.”

— Solar Builder magazine