Another Awesome Space-Saving Unit


Transformer and space-saving furniture units are a great way to make the most of the available space in small apartments and homes. Roberto Gil of the design firm Casa Collection recently designed the Urbano collection space-saving unit, which is gorgeous and incredibly practical.

His firm has been in the business of creating space-saving solutions for small apartments since the 1990s, including hanging beds, Murphy beds, and seating. The Urbano Collection is their foray into offering all in-one-units.

The space saving unit in the Urbano Collection features a bed, two sets of stairs that also double as storage as well as shelving and closets. The unit is 119 in (302 cm) long, 83 in (211 cm) wide, and 107 in (272 cm) high. The clearance under the bed is 6.3 ft (1.9 m) and given the size of the storage it offers, one of these units can easily be used to replace a whole bedroom of furniture. The units come in two sizes. The Urbano version features a king sized bed, and has interior and exterior closets, dressers with drawers, shelving and a desk. . The units are also quite customizable. The Urbano customers can, for example choose whether they want two sets of stairs with in-built drawers, or just one.


The company also offers a smaller, Arca version, which features a queen size bed and measures 83 in (211-cm) in length, 100 in (254 cm) in width, and 80 in (203 cm) in height. It has a clearance of 60 in (152 cm). This one is not as fully equipped as the larger version but still features a cushioned bench, open storage space and a desk. The bed is accessible via a ladder.



The Urbano and Arca units can be ordered in two color options and they cost $15,000 and $6,000 respectively. They can be ordered in the US and Canada, though the shipping costs are quite costly. However, with the amount of money saved by not having to buy a bed, closet, dresser and desk separately, they might still make sense. Especially for those living in small or even micro apartments.

All-in-One Multipurpose Furniture Unit


Living in small urban apartments can get very cramped very fast. But a lot of people aren’t willing to forgo living in the city center, and that is where clever multipurpose furniture units come in. We’ve seen a lot of them pop up in the last few years, and this one, created by German designer Nils Holger Moormann is one of the best. He designed and built it in collaboration with B&O Group and the prototype shows that it does have lots of potential to free up living space.

The unit is basically a cube, which functions as a room within a room. The top part of it, accessible via a set of stairs, acts as the bedroom and is large enough for a queen-sized bed. The stairs leading up to it have built-in drawers for storage.


The cube also serves other functions such as providing eating, working and reading space, each of which has one side of the unit dedicated to it. The cube also has space to store dishes, books, and even a bike. It also features fold-down parts, such as the blackboard, which can be used as an extension of the kitchen counter or a dining table. The hollow part inside the cube can be used as a storage area for a variety of items, which goes a long way towards keeping the rest of the apartment clutter free.



The cube is built out of wood and designed in a minimalist way so that it will blend seamlessly with practically any décor. It’s also a great way to create a loft in a studio apartment without actually having to go through complicated construction work.


There’s no word on price yet, since this unit is still in the prototype stage. But so far, it looks like this will be a welcome addition to the lineup of multipurpose furniture units that are already available.

Clever Transformation of a Small Apartment That Now Includes a Secret Kids’ Playroom


Living in small or even tiny apartments is the reality for many urban dwellers these days, and while such living arrangements can be ideal for singles and couples, having kids does pose a problem. But the Polish design firm Mode:lina Studio came up with a very clever solution to this conundrum in the case of artist and designer Maciej Kawecki.


Maciej is a work from home dad who lives in a 398-square-foot apartment with his six-year-old son. The design firm he hired to renovate his apartment installed a transformer unit, which can be used as a workspace for Maciej but also hides a playroom for his son. The multifunctional unit can be used as a desk, but also to hold business meetings as well as to cook and sleep.



The sleeping part is located in a loft above the work desk. The shelving unit part of the transformer piece of furniture is on wheels and can be moved as needed. When pulled out it opens up the son’s playroom, which is located just behind the working desk. It’s also a great place to keep all of the child’s toys, so they’re not cluttering up the rest of the small apartment. The conference desk Maciej uses to meet with clients is also on wheels, and can be pushed aside and moved out of the way when not needed. The transformer unit itself is made of oriented strand board (OSB). It was mostly left natural, though they painted a few sections black to offer some contrast.


This is certainly another great example of how transformer, multi-purpose furniture pieces can make even small apartments more functional. This version of it will certainly appeal to all those with small children, while I’m pretty sure most kids love to have a secret playroom!

Transformer Crib That Grows With Your Child

As all parents know, children grow out of things fast and furniture is no exception. When it comes to the latter, it’s best to purchase pieces that can be reused down the line, even after the child grows out of their primary function. And the Danish company Leander has recently unveiled one such piece of furniture: a baby crib, which grows with the child.

The Linea Cot, as it is called, is first and foremost a baby crib. It is made of solid oak and has cleverly designed sloping sides, which prevent the child from climbing out. It also has a base that is height-adjustable, meaning it can be moved up and down to accommodate the growing child.

As the baby becomes a toddler, the Linea Cot can be turned into a bed by simply removing one of the sides. And then, as the child outgrows it, the bed can be turned into a sofa or daybed, which can be used up until the teenage years and even beyond. Not to mention that it can also be turned back into a crib should the need arise.

Leander also offers a whole range of furniture for children, including a changing table and dresser, and the Linea Cot blends seamlessly with those pieces. The Linea Cot is available in many different colors, and can be fitted with different cushions so that it fits well in most any home. And all the different cushions can keep it looking fresh for many years.

The baby’s crib is certainly one of the least re-usable pieces of furniture people will need to purchase in their lifetime, so it’s great to see companies coming up with solutions to making them more flexible. There is no word on price yet, but you can visit the Leander website for more info.

Bed and Walk-in Closet in One


Having adequate storage space is certainly one of the biggest challenges when living small. There have been a number of very ingenious solutions to this problem in the past, from hiding storage into the stairs, or installing large pieces of transformer furniture which house everything from the closet to the bathroom. But one of the more ingenious solutions is certainly the transformer bed, which opens up into a walk in closet. These are nothing new I grant you, but here are two which look very easy and comfortable to use, and would make a nice addition to any small modern home.


The first is the recently unveiled storage bed by the French firm Parisot. This bed features a sleeping space, shelves and a closet. The shelves act as stairs to get to the bed, while lifting the mattress opens up a walk-in closet, which is rather low by the looks of it. But how much space for clothes do you really need? And this closet looks like it would allow for a very neat and precise organization of clothes.

d bed

There is also a very similar Italian version from Dielle, which looks a little more refined. This closet/bed features two actual stairways, which are also the bedside tables. This bed is also higher, which yields more closet space. The stairways also act as sort of barriers or fences, preventing the sleeper from falling off the bed in the middle of the night.



These types of beds are definitely a neat way to save some space in a small home, especially if you do not want a loft. They would work especially well in small urban apartments or studios, as the space saving is huge. The only real problem is that you and your significant other would probably have to get up at the same time to use the closet comfortably. Though you could always just lay out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed.