Vision Solar has plans to expand nationwide (now hiring in Tempe, Arizona)

Vision Solar

Vision Solar, one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the United States, is opening a new location in Tempe, Ariz., this month, signaling the company’s plans to expand nationwide. Vision Solar plans to hire more than 60 employees, sales representatives, technicians and installers for the Tempe location which will serve the Scottsdale-Phoenix market — a strategic move, given that Arizona is among the top ranked states for its residential solar capacity.

Arizona also held its national ranking as the third-largest in solar installation in 2018, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association’s year-in-review report.

Vision Solar is a full-service renewable energy company based in Pennsylvania that was recently named the number one installer by SunPower Solar on the East Coast. With a combined experience of over 50 years, the company proudly serves residents throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey — and, now, thanks to the new Tempe location, throughout Arizona.

“We are thrilled to announce that Vision Solar is entering one of the most exciting solar markets in the United States: Arizona,” states Mike Eden, CRO of Vision Solar. “This move signals our strategic plans for aggressive growth nationwide, as one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation, and also shows how much we have expanded in the less than three years since our inception.”

Apart from providing customers with easy financing options, Vision Solar also ensures that the entire process of installation is handled in-house, to provide the smoothest and most convenient experience of switching to solar energy.

Vision Solar also promises savings to consumers who make the switch to solar energy. According to company estimates, consumers can save up to an average of 30 percent on their monthly electric bills, in addition to other savings in the form of tax and financial incentives.

Vision Solar is dedicated to improving the lives of customers as well as to protecting the environment.

— Solar Builder magazine

Vision Solar opens two new locations on the East Coast as part of expansion plan

Vision Solar

One of America’s fastest growing solar companies, Vision Solar, has launched two new locations in Reading, PA and Edison, NJ as part of its expansion plan. The company has invested about half a million dollars in capital towards growth and has hired more than 30 employees in the two new locations as part of its expansion effort.

Vision Solar aims to grow its operations with a more local footprint to serve the residents and communities of Pennsylvania and New Jersey better.

“Vision Solar is proud to announce two new locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,” states Mike Eden, the CSO of Vision Solar. “Vision Solar has always shown deep commitment to local communities and this expansion effort will provide us with additional opportunities to serve the residents of these areas even better than before. What’s a better way to give back to the community than serving the people and protecting the environment?”

The company offers a zero money down financing program, making the move to solar energy extremely affordable. What makes the transition convenient and smooth is that it takes only 24 hours for Vision Solar’s installation process to complete after receiving all the necessary permits.

Vision also prides itself on its customer care. Since the entire process is taken care of in-house, customers can rest assured that they have to deal with only one point of contact rather than a number of different contractors. Vision Solar manages everything starting from the design of the project all the way to the installation and activation to make sure that their customers receive the very best service possible.

— Solar Builder magazine

Two growing regional solar installers merge to form ION Solar

solar company acquisition

Vision Solar, a fast growing residential solar installer, and Zing Solar, an established residential solar leader in the southwestern U.S., are merging to form a new company — ION Solar.

Today’s merger of two of the largest residential rooftop solar installers also results in one of the nation’s largest privately held residential solar companies.

“Homeowners will benefit as ION Solar realizes significant economies of scale, reducing equipment and operational costs, and giving homeowners access to additional financing and enhanced solar options,” said Matt Rasmussen, CEO of Vision Solar. “There’s an excitement and enthusiasm here that’s not only contagious, it’s very fulfilling. We’re doing great things and the coming together of two incredible solar companies, hundreds of passionate team members, and thousands of solar customers strengthens our ability to positively impact the environment with clean solar energy,” Matt continued.

The merger will be completed before year-end allowing for dramatic growth initiatives to launch with the new year.

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“Zing Solar and Vision Solar have always shared a singular vision that’s been evident in the record growth of our two companies and the thousands of satisfied families who’ve switched to solar, lowered their bills, and reduced their carbon footprint,” said Jimmy Slemboski, President of Zing Solar. “The triple-digit growth we’ve experienced since inception at Zing has been continued validation that homeowners want the highest-quality equipment on their home when they choose solar and they value a sincere, personal approach to their customer service experience. Vision has always mirrored that attention to detail, quality, transparency, and loyalty to customers. The compounding effects of unifying our amazing people as ION Solar is something we’re all very excited about,” Jimmy continued.

Additionally, each company has developed significant market differentiators including streamlined field operations, rigid quality control practices, and forward thinking customer service techniques.

ION Solar is now positioned for rapid expansion across strategic markets. With current operations in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, New Jersey, and it’s home state of Utah, ION Solar will immediately become a top-ten solar installer and continue bringing low-cost renewable energy and beautiful solar installations to homeowners across the country.


— Solar Builder magazine

Vision Solar chooses Silfab modules for 12 MW of projects across six states

Silfab Solar signed a long-term partnership with residential solar installer Vision Solar to supply the company with all-black, high-quality modules and delivery of 12 MW for projects across the six states that Vision Solar services.

Vision Solar has become the second largest residential solar company headquartered in Utah and 15th largest nationwide in just three years. Silfab’s high-tech facility, vertical-integrated structure, and 30-year global experience in solar systems was a good fit for the company.

Vision Solar“Homeowners choose Vision Solar because of the quality of our systems and installations, our full-service approach to switching to solar, and our ongoing support to each and every customer. We want a product that reflects the trust our customers have in us to provide them with the very best and a module partner that was reliable and flexible in helping us meet our customer needs,” said Matt Rasmussen, Vision Solar’s CEO and co-founder. “We know that as we grow, Silfab is dedicating its technology, innovation, and commitment to quality to give us the best solar solution on the market now and for the future.”

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Vision Solar said it plans to deploy the 12 MW of Silfab modules at residential projects in California, Texas, South Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, and its home state of Utah.

“We are proud to partner with the professional team at Vision Solar. Their innovative approach to providing high-quality residential installations makes them a perfect outlet for Silfab’s premium, all-black residential solar module,” said Geoffrey Atkins, head of development for Silfab. “We look forward to a long relationship with Vision.”

Silfab’s recently expanded North American manufacturing plant is now delivering annual production of 300 MW of solar modules to installations throughout the United States and the rest of North America. The highly automated plant operates on a 24/7 schedule, 362 days a year, and is focused on developing products specifically designed for the residential market.

Silfab’s state-of-the-art, 300 MW manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Canada, has helped pioneer smart module technology, glass-on-glass solutions, and bifacial modules. Silfab’s technically innovative process produces superior reliability and performance specifically designed for the North American market. Silfab balances manufacturing capacity between OEM partners, Silfab-branded modules, and new technology.

— Solar Builder magazine