Yingli modules chosen for Europe’s largest bifacial PV plant

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. says that Tempress Systems B.V. part of the Amtech Group has begun to construct the Europe’s largest bifacial PV plant with a capacity of close to 400 kilowatt (KW). The project is located next to the headquarters of Tempress in Vaassen in the Netherlands and is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2017. It is expected that the annual energy production of the project will exceed 400 MWh.

yingli solarThe project will contain 1,428 Yingli PANDA Bifacial modules with a nominal peak power ranging from 275 Watt to 280 Watt each. The PANDA Bifacial modules contain n-type crystalline silicon solar cells based on the n-PERT technology jointly developed by Yingli, Tempress Systems and ECN, which can generate power not only from the front side, but also from the rear side by making use of the reflected photons that hit the module on the back side. Therefore, the power yield of the PANDA Bifacial module can be increased by up to 30 percent compared to a monofacial standard module. In addition, the n-type crystalline silicon solar cells used by the PANDA Bifacial module are more sensitive for low light conditions than regular p-type cells.

The PANDA Bifacial module is comprised of two layers of 2.5-mm thick tempered glass, which replace the conventional back sheet and glass structure. It also bears a 30-year-linear warranty exceeding the life time of standard modules. The PANDA Bifacial module has been independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors.

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The project has been designed by Schulz Systemtechnik BV who will also do the installation. The modules will be mounted on a fixed rack specially designed for bifacial modules to optimize the rear side performance and are produced by Benz Alusysteme GmbH. Each module will be equipped with micro inverters from APsystems to ensure optimal energy generation and monitor the performance of each module. This project was granted with a SDE+ subsidy from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs to encourage the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands.

“We are proud to be the first in Europe to install a bifacial PV plant of such a large size,” said Dr. Albert Hasper, General Manager of Tempress. “Besides electricity generation, this plant will also be used as a showcase to prove the benefits of using bifacial module technology.”

“We are glad to receive substantial orders for our PANDA Bifacial module, which was recently introduced during the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai, May 2016 and has been improved through our continuously technology innovation,” said Dr. Dengyuan Song, Chief Technology Officer of Yingli. “Tempress and ECN are our strategic partners for many years and this innovative product is a result of this long-term collaboration.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Yingli subsidiary partners with SolarAid on cool new affordable solar light

A subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers, is partnering with SolarAid, a leading international charity that combats poverty and climate change, to launch the world’s most affordable quality solar light, the SM100.

yingli solarThe new solar light was designed and developed by Yingli Europe, with the support of a UK industrial design agency, to meet critical price and performance specifications of SolarAid. SolarAid’s objectives were to provide a tough, durable solar light for use in rural Africa, which meets Lighting Africa standards and retails for $5 in Africa, in order to make electrical light more accessible to the 598 million people in Africa who lack access to electricity.

“When I first started at SolarAid 10 years ago the lights we sold in Africa were $25 each. Over the last 10 years prices have come down and now SolarAid is proud to be launching what we believe is the world’s most affordable solar light on the market,” said Nick Sireau, CEO of SolarAid. “Working with our social enterprise, SunnyMoney, in Africa we will be selling the SM100 to people in rural communities for just $5 each. We sincerely hope this step change in pricing will help us to eradicate the kerosene lamp for good.”

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The SM100 captures, within the design and features, SunnyMoney’s collective insights after selling over 10 million solar lights across Africa in the past 10 years. During August 2016 nine thousand SM100s were distributed in Uganda, Malawi and Zambiathrough SolarAid’s social enterprise, SunnyMoney, who sell lights via school networks and local enterprises. This first batch of lights will form a sales trial, allowing SolarAid to gather customer feedback to incorporate into further SM100 design and manufacturing iterations.

The solar-powered SM100 provides more than 5 hours of constant bright light. It can be used as a traditional desk light or hung on the wall. Due to the SM100’s rectangular shape it can be also be used off the stand and additional slots in the casing can be used to attach a strap so that the lamp can be worn as a head torch for hands-free use. The SM100 will retail for £10 in the UK, providing SolarAid with the funds to distribute two more SM100 lights in Africa for every one that is bought in the UK.

Yingli has committed to support SolarAid in their important mission to eradicate the kerosene lamp. “The SM100 will provide safe light to millions more families who live currently on less than 1.25$ per day. Not only will the lamp save lives but also support children’s’ education at home in the dark evenings and saving families money by avoiding the purchase of air polluting kerosene,” said Darren Thompson, Managing Director of Yingli Europe. “We are pleased to provide SolarAid with a durable high quality solar light at the lowest price point possible that will help to transform the quality of life for millions of people that live without electricity. At Yingli we stand behind our mission – Affordable Green Energy for All.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Yingli is launching three new UL-certified PV module series in the U.S.

yingli solarYingli Green Energy Holding Company Ltd., one of the world’s leading solar PV module manufacturers, sent word that its launching three new module series in the United States.

Smart Modules with embedded optimizers

Yingli Smart Module Series, certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), features integrated module-level power optimizers produced by SolarEdge. Ideal for the residential and commercial market segments, Yingli Smart Modules increase energy harvest at the module level and enable more flexible system design thanks to embedded SolarEdge power optimizers.

60-cell frameless with new glass

Yingli’s TwinMAX 60 Cell is a frameless module comprised of two layers of 2.5 mm thick semi-tempered glass, which replaced the conventional back sheet and glass structure. As the backside makes use of the reflected light from the surroundings, the modules can yield up to 30 percent more power, depending on the albedo. Ideal for harsh environment conditions, TwinMAX modules carry a 30-year linear warranty, which could provide more than 20 percent power gain for customers compared to industry standard 25-year linear warranty.

P-type cells with anti-reflective coating

The UL-Certified YLM Series is built with P-type monocrystalline cells that offer high conversion efficiency and high-transmission glass with a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the solar cells, resulting in a higher energy yield. YLM Series are available in both 60-cell and 72-cell series which enhances its versatility for a wide range of applications going from residential and commercial projects to large-scale power plants.

The three new module series will be introduced to the U.S. market at Solar Power International on Sept. 12-15.  Head to booth #1815 in Las Vegas Convention Center to learn more.

— Solar Builder magazine

Yingli’s TwinMAX high-efficiency modules hit the market

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Ltd. has commercialized its TwinMAX 60 Cell high-efficiency dual glass module (including the standard series and the bifacial series) and TwinMAX 72 Cell high-efficiency dual glass module (standard series). The bifacial series monocrystalline modules will be installed on a 50-MW power plant in Datong, Shanxi province, which was rewarded to Yingli under China’s “Top Runner” program.

yingli solarThe TwinMAX module is a frameless module that is comprised of two layers of 2.5-mm thick tempered glass, which replaced the conventional back sheet and glass structure. Specifically, TwinMAX bifacial series modules integrate technology from Yingli’s state of the art PANDA n-type monocrystalline solar cells with cell efficiency that could reach as high as 20.5 percent and average module efficiency that could be over 17 percent. The TwinMAX bifacial series modules can generate from both the front and rear sides of the cells, allowing power yields up to 30 percent more than traditional monocrystalline modules.

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TwinMAX modules possess strong durability and resistance to PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and are able to perform well under various harsh environments such as exposure to high temperature and humidity, salt mist and sand. With a maximum system voltage of 1500 Volts (V), TwinMAX modules can improve system performance and help to reduce balance-of-system costs. In addition, TwinMAX modules carry a 30-year linear warranty, which theoretically could provide more than 20% power gain for customers compared to industry standard 25-years linear warranty.

“We are excited to introduce and offer one of the most advanced products in the industry to our customers with the commercialization of our TwinMAX module,” commented Dr. Dengyuan Song, Chief Technology Officer of Yingli. “This is also consistent with our long-term commitment of reducing the cost of solar power generation and making solar electricity affordable and accessible for all through continued technology innovation.”

— Solar Builder magazine

Yingli’s 72-cell series perfect for large-scale projects

Yingli YGE 60 Cell

This product was featured in the 2015 Solar Builder Ground-mount Project of the Year Winner

The YGE-U 72 Cell Series from Yingli is designed to deliver superior energy yields in large-scale applications. Fully compatible with the latest fixed tilt and tracking systems, this large-format panel helps maximize PV power plant performance. For larger projects, Yingli has a proven track record of bankability with major financial institutions and energy companies, offering leading performance guarantees to backstop project production requirements.

Yingli panels deliver superior power output in a variety of temperature and irradiance conditions, and self-cleaning anti-reflective coated glass reduces soiling to help maximize power output. Performance is backed by a 25-year linear warranty.

Tested to the industry’s most rigorous durability standards, Yingli panels are PID-resistant in conformance with IEC 62804. To ensure reliable performance, Yingli uses quality components such as DuPont Tedlar PVF film-based backsheets.

— Solar Builder magazine