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NABCEP certifications

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is adding two new certifications to further improve the performance of the overall solar energy marketplace: Photovoltaic System Inspector (PVSI) and Solar Heating System Inspector (SHSI).

Unlike many of NABCEP’s other certifications, there are no specific pre-requisites to taking a NABCEP PV or Solar Heating System Inspector Exams and these US-based exams can be taken online from anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

Inspectors play a critical role in ensuring quality renewable energy installations. These new credentials are meant to provide a mechanism for inspection professionals to demonstrate their knowledge of PV and Solar Heating systems.

NABCEP PV and Solar Heating System Inspector certifications are primarily intended for individuals performing system inspections for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), utilities, incentive programs, investors, and others performing quality assurance of PV and Solar Heating systems, and code compliance.

To become a NABCEP System Inspector and maintain the credential, applicants must have knowledge of applicable codes and ordinances, be able to identify all system components and understand how to assess the safety and operation of a system. Interpretation of design plans and building documents, conducting on-site inspections, and reporting results will be part of all System Inspector examinations.

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— Solar Builder magazine

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