A Vacation Cabin on Wheels


Getting out of the city and back to nature is something most city folk want from time to time. Such getaways can take a lot of planning, but there are countless choices out there. Hristina Hristova, a designer from Bulgaria, has just added one to the mix. The tiny getaway cabin she designed is beautiful and completely mobile, while the price is affordable too.


The cabin is called “Koleliba” which is a made up word that roughly translates to “hut on wheels”. It was constructed on top of a trailer base and built using pine and birch plywood. The cabin measures 96 square feet and has the dimensions of 22 feet by 7.5 feet, with a height of 8 feet. To make the most of the small interior space, it is furnished in a minimalist fashion. The glazed door and large window let in plenty of natural daylight and give the appearance of greater spaciousness.


Storage is also cleverly worked into the design to keep the place clutter-free. There is a fold-out couch-bed, which can be stowed away when more space is required. The tiny cabin also has a fully functional kitchen, which includes a sink, oven, fridge, and plenty of counter space. The bathroom is small and functional, hidden away behind the kitchen area. For lazy outdoor lounging, there is also a removable outdoor bench, which provides seating for the owners and guests.




A cabin like this is a great option for young families who do not have the funds to purchase land and build a vacation home, yet who still want to have a place to call their own during the holidays for a minimal investment. And the best part about this one is that it can be taken anywhere.

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