COVID-19 response: Astral Power is giving money to any household that enrolls in its community solar program

Astral Power

Astral Power, Inc.

Astral Power Inc., a clean energy provider, has been helping local upstate New York residents save on their utility bills by providing them access to clean, renewable, and locally produced solar energy. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Astral Power is donating $50 to every household that enrolls for Community Solar with Astral Power, along with another $50 for the household’s selected local business or charity, to help provide some relief to local communities.

A subscription to Community Solar will ensure guaranteed savings of 10% on the household’s monthly utility bill.

“Social distancing and work from home orders could result in an increase in our electric usage, and electric bills,” says Thom Smith, President of Astral Power. “Subscribing to community solar will help families reduce their utility expenses. We believe that the savings and extra cash could go a long way for many households and local businesses.”

Families and local businesses in New York state will be, if they have not already been, greatly impacted by this COVID-19 pandemic. An executive order, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and went into effect this past Sunday, requires that all non-essential businesses statewide close in-office personnel functions. Thus, local businesses like florists, theaters, and gyms would have to close until further notice. These businesses will need all the help that they can get from the community to survive these challenging times.

“New York is a community. That means we rely on each other. We ALL need to practice social distancing. That’s part of the social contract, especially now when it counts. Help your community! #StayAtHome,” Andrew Cuomo tweeted, asking for residents of New York to stay at home and play their part in the community.

“New York State is where Astral Power started,” Smith continued, “and we want to give back to the community, especially amidst these times of crisis. We hope that what we’re doing will bring some relief to the families and local businesses as we all work together to overcome this invisible enemy.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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