Delaware River Solar completes largest community solar project in New York State

Delaware River Solar

Delaware River Solar (PRNewsfoto/Ampion)

Delaware River Solar (DRS), a solar development company in New York State, and Ampion have completed the largest community distributed generation (CDG) solar project in New York State. Serving over 350 customers, the 2.7 MW array will supply clean and affordable power to residents in rural New York.

Under CDG, solar projects feed energy directly into the electric grid, and customers receive dollar credits for that energy on their utility bill. For the Callicoon project, DRS customers will save 10% on their annual electric costs through their contract.

“We are excited that our first community solar array is in our home town of Callicoon, New York. And we are very gratified by all the local support as evidenced by the fact 82 percent of the power is subscribed by people in Sullivan County and 52 percent in the town itself,” said Rich Winter, CEO at Delaware River Solar.

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Ampion conducted an expansive customer acquisition campaign within the Callicoon community. “The benefits of CDG surprised most people,” said Chris Mills, Customer Acquisition Lead at Ampion, “but once prospects understood CDG, we received more participation than this project could handle. We’re excited to work with DRS on such an innovative model that benefits locals who previously couldn’t take advantage of solar. We found there is tremendous popularity for this product, even in a rural area like upstate New York.”

Ampion will manage the ongoing needs of the Callicoon project, performing back-office billing, monitoring, and customer service operations using its software platform. Additionally, Ampion has acquired customers for a second DRS project in Baldwin, New York.

— Solar Builder magazine


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