Details on a CPS America solar inverter design improvement

CPS AC output terminal design

New 3-Pole M10 Stud Type AC Terminal Block

Effective Date: Shipments starting January 2020
Affected Products: Model No. CPS SCH100/125KTL-600-SWB (Standard Wire-box)

CPS America sent word that it’s made a change to the AC Output Terminal used within the Distributed/Standard Wire-box of the SCH100KTL-DO/US-600 and SCH125KTL-DO/US-600 inverter models.

The change includes replacing and upgrading the 4-pole M8 stud type terminal block with a larger 3-pole M10 stud type terminal block that now allows termination of conductors up to 500 kcmil in size. An additional 1-pole screw clamp terminal block is also included for the optional neutral termination.

The AC termination requires the use of a 1-hole compression lug to properly terminate the AC output conductors. This new improved wire-box is identified on the shipping carton Product Label with the notation “New TB”.

Due to many design variables that affect sizing of the AC output conductors, CPS does not include or provide compression lugs for the AC output conductors in the Accessory Kit shipped with the SCH100/125KTL inverters. Designers/Installers must specify and are required to procure the correct type, bolt hole size, and wire size/gauge of compression lug for the AC output conductors planned for the installation.

See the CPS SCH100/125KTL User Manual for detailed information regarding acceptable conductor and compression lug types, AC terminal stud/bolt hole diameter, and permissible compression lug dimensions to ensure proper termination.

— Solar Builder magazine


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