Details on a new membership program for solar tracker installation companies launched by Sunfolding

sunfolding construction network

Sunfolding, a producer of single-axis tracker systems, is launching a membership program for tracker installation companies called the Sunfolding Construction Network (SCN). The company says members of the Sunfolding Construction Network will receive installation optimization resources, as well as training, to give them the skills and tools to build their projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sunfolding Construction Network member companies will also have preferred access to the pipeline of pre-qualified Sunfolding projects, thus reducing project acquisition costs and shortening sales cycles.

Companies joining the SCN as Basic Members will receive advanced installation training, delivery timing and work step sequence information, an optimized delivery plan for Sunfolding tracker installations, and access to qualified project leads.

Companies that join the Sunfolding Construction Network as Prime Members receive all the benefits of Basic Members, as well as advanced in-field, in-person training from Sunfolding technicians on how to build tracker rows most efficiently, full project and equipment sequencing plans, in-field labor optimization tools, and commissioning services and O&M (operations and maintenance) best practices.

Prime Members will have preferred access to qualified project leads for projects from 30MW to 500MW in size.

“Our installer network program provides the training and documentation that allows installation teams to take full advantage of the construction cost reductions that Sunfolding trackers enable,” said Wes Fuller, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Sunfolding. “The companies who take advantage of this powerful curriculum will also have access to the Sunfolding project sales pipeline, which takes the hard-sell piece of the business out of the process.”

Sunfolding trackers have very few moving parts to stage and assemble, which significantly reduces field installation teams’ time-on-site or in complicated tracker installation training. Network member training will take place at the Sunfolding Performance Center in Davis, California, where members will gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge lean construction methods and construction science.

“We joined the Sunfolding Construction Network as a Prime Member because it makes bidding on projects extremely efficient,” said Boyan Tabutov, Chief Executive Officer and President of Solar Energy Resources LLC. “Beyond making new project initiation simple, spending time with Sunfolding experts in a ‘hands-on’ scenario opens up direct communication between our installers and the Sunfolding technical team, making us even more efficient.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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