Energy Toolbase adds residential solar + storage modeling with SolarEdge StorEdge implementation

software integration

SolarEdge’s StorEdge inverter is now incorporated into the Energy Toolbase platform. This means Toolbase users can run residential storage dispatch simulations and savings analysis that are representative of how StorEdge, coupled with an LG RESU10H battery, would operate in the field.

“StorEdge is the first publicly available, residential storage integration to go live on the Energy Toolbase platform,” said John Gurski, founder and CEO at Energy Toolbase. “This implementation streamlines the project development workflow for residential solar and energy storage developers and gives them confidence knowing they’re running validated simulations and economic analysis of StorEdge systems.”

Why this is cool

Energy Toolbase has worked with SolarEdge to validate the StorEdge inverter specifications and charge/discharge profile programming instructions on the Energy Toolbase platform. The integration enables users to run a 365-day StorEdge dispatch simulation and determine the optimal mode of operation for how to program the (ESS) Energy Storage System throughout the year. The implementation of StorEdge into Energy Toolbase will output the optimal fixed schedule of operations for each unique proposal, based on the homeowner’s load profile, solar PV system specifications being paired, (TOU) Time-of-use utility rate schedule, and (NEM) Net Energy Metering assumptions.

With StorEdge implemented in Energy Toolbase, users can quickly determine the utility bill savings and project economics of adding StorEdge + LG RESU10H to a project. There is no additional cost for Energy Toolbase users to utilize the feature that simulates StorEdge. The implementation works seamlessly with all of Energy Toolbase’s existing features, including the ability to import interval meter data from any file format or synthetically create a 365-day load profile using the ETB Load Profiler and the ability to create fully customized proposal document templates.

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