Fourth Wave Energy acquires solar tile producer DeSol Power Tiles

Fourth Wave Energy

Fourth Wave Energy Inc. plans to acquire solar tile company DeSol Power Tiles, a patented system that uses roof tiles, not solar panels, for aesthetic appeal. Fourth Wave plans to manufacture, market and distribute these solar tile roofs throughout North America.

With a simple, flat design, based on the classic Nordic style, DeSol roof tiles complement the home with a completely sealed, walkable surface that covers the entire roof. Currently manufactured in the U.S., DeSol solar roof tiles provide a unique solution with a performance guaranteed for 30 years.

“We are very pleased to be able to add the product to our company,” stated Joseph Isaacs, FWAV CEO. “Solar tiles present a unique and increasingly popular solar option as they are widely considered to be more aesthetically pleasing, more cost effective and can be easily installed.” The acquisition is subject to a number of conditions, including the execution of a definitive agreement between the parties.

DeSol DeTails

DeSol Power Tiles

The DeSol Tile was developed and patented in the United States by a Belgium-based solar engineer in response to the growing need for an ascetically pleasing solar roofing option. The system is easily installed by local contractors, roofers and developers with the aid of an electrician for wiring. Due to this ease of installation the company plans to scale quickly and effectively.

DeSol offers both full-size and half-size blind tiles (without the solar panel), cover tiles for the right and left edges of a roof, and coordinating pitch tiles for the top of the roof. Blind tiles, cover tiles, and pitch tiles can be cut to size as necessary. Solar tiles and all coordinating tile styles are available in three color choices: black, gray, and Spanish (red clay). The color of the tiles is guaranteed for 10 years; performance and durability are guaranteed for 30 years.

— Solar Builder magazine


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