GameChange Solar debuts albedo-boosting tech for its bifacial trackers


GameChange Solar today announced BifacialReflector, a patent-pending new technology that they think will provide a big increase in power production for the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker when paired with bifacial modules.

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What is it? The technology is a highly reflective (.95 albedo), permanent solid surface up to 4m wide, which reflects light from just above ground level to the back of the bifacial modules. This technology is intriguing since it is not a ground cover with a limited life or one that requires constant maintenance.

BifacialReflector is a self-cleaning, long-term (40-year life) solution. The reflectors can boost the gain by up to an estimated total of 15-20% when using bifacial modules, which is approximately 5-8% extra gain versus other bifacial trackers which do not have BifacialReflector technology.

“Solar power plant owners globally have been asking for a cost-effective, long life, maintenance-free, high reflectivity (.95 albedo) ground cover to place under trackers with bifacial modules,” says Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange. “Our technology has a significant power boost for bifacial modules and has a life of 40 years with no maintenance, making it a meaningful breakthrough for the industry.”

— Solar Builder magazine


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