GBI President & CEO Responds to 6/30 Supreme Court Ruling Impacting Climate Change Regulation

MEDIA CONTACT  |  Jenna Hamilton, VP of National Affairs,

Portland, Ore. – On June 30, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have the authority to go beyond its current regulation of carbon emissions from power plants to create new, sweeping regulations without the consent of Congress.

The Green Building Initiative’s (GBI’s) President & CEO Vicki Worden responded, saying, “Today’s ruling again highlights the necessity of Congress to find common ground in pursuit of a healthier environment and climate future. Further, this resistance to taking assertive action on critical climate change issues is not supported by the majority of investors, financial institutions, privately held or publicly held companies. We have clearly seen some of the most influential market-based organizations communicate their expectations for a grid supported by cleaner renewable energy sources.”

Worden concluded, saying, “Our personal commitments to a cleaner grid should motivate us to make sure our elected representatives are hearing from us on these issues. Congress and state legislatures must work across the aisle and give clear guidance to their regulatory entities to meet our obligations to future generations.”

About GBI

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