Geostellar, Conergy Announce Complete Solar Program for U.S. Residential Installers

Solar analytics platform Geostellar and Conergy, a leading distributor of solar equipment, today announced a partnership that will create the first national program for qualified local solar installers that includes solar equipment packages, financing options and customer acquisition programs. By driving down the total cost of solar energy and streamlining the procurement, financing and installation processes, the alliance will dramatically expand the residential solar market in the United States.

stock - skysolarToday, such programs can only be found in the handful of states where solar leases are available. The partnership will ensure that every homeowner in the country can affordably purchase high-quality solar equipment or finance the installation with a loan or lease option. All installations will be performed by bonded and insured local contractors that are residents of the areas they serve.

“Over the years, Conergy has developed a nationwide network of qualified professional installers, a vast inventory of high-efficiency, long-lasting solar equipment from the leading manufacturers and the most competitive financing options,” said Anthony Fotopoulos, President of Conergy North America. “We are pleased to partner with Geostellar to provide expanded offerings to homeowners and incentives to installers that are a win-win for all involved.”

“Our partnership with Conergy represents the first solar offering that brings savings on electricity costs to every state in the nation,” said David Levine, Geostellar founder and CEO. “We look forward to presenting homeowners with experienced and capable installation, service and maintenance, the right equipment to generate the most power at the lowest cost, and financing options that reduce or eliminate up-front investment.”

Geostellar also released today the Geostellar Solar Index for the fourth quarter of 2013. The current index demonstrates the dramatic improvement in the profitability of solar energy brought about by the partnerships announced today.

— Solar Builder magazine


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