Great Modern Spin on the Yurt


The yurt has been around for a long time, which makes sense since it is a pretty good design for a shelter. Freedom Yurt-Cabins, based in Aurora, Colorado have recently unveiled a modern take on this classic, which includes energy-efficient windows, good insulation and a real front door.

The Freedom Yurt Cabins feature a roundwood frame, which is constructed from Lodgepole pine, and come with an integrated floor. The walls are made from IPs and insulated using fiberglass, which gives them an R-value of R-9.7. The ceiling is made of Polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam insulation board that has an insulation rating of R-13.7. The interior ceiling is made of wood and supported by a steel roof ring. A DuraLast heavy duty vinyl roof and a clear acrylic roof dome are placed over this.




The cabins also feature Low-E (energy-efficient) windows and an insulated steel door. A concrete foundation is not needed to erect the cabin, meaning it can also be moved from place to place relatively easily. The yurts work great as an extra bedroom, a workspace, a party space, while they can also be used as a holiday cabin or tiny home. The yurt comes unfurnished, but y=the company plans to begin offering prefab interior accessories by the end of the year.


The yurt is delivered in the form of a kit, and the company says that 2 people should be able to assemble it in a weekend. The yurt they offer can be purchased in several sizes. The smallest measures 217 sq ft (20 sq m) and is a 12 wall model that costs around $12,000. The next size up is a 14-wall model measuring 296 sq ft (27 sq m), which costs just under $14,000, while the largest is a16-wall 377 square foot (35 sq m) yurt, which costs $15,995 to buy.

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