Green Globes Certification Recognized by Miami-Dade Sustainable Building Program

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Portland, Ore. – The Green Building Initiative, Inc. (GBI) is pleased to announce the inclusion of Green Globes certification in the Miami-Dade Sustainable Building Program. The program, which creates a standard for resilience and sustainability of County buildings and infrastructure projects, was updated earlier this month to include Green Globes in the Implementing order as an additional pathway for certification in the county.

After the updated language was unanimously approved by the Board of County Commissioners, District 5 Commissioner and legislation sponsor Eileen Higgins said, “Today’s update to the Sustainable Buildings Program ensures that Miami-Dade County is prepared for the future challenges of rising energy costs, energy supply instability, sea level rise, and other climate change issues.” To date, the Sustainable Buildings Program has saved the County more than $3.7 million in electricity and avoided 71,700 metric tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing 15,000 gas-powered cars from the road annually. The program updates include enhancing energy efficiency standards to reflect the latest development and design practices and providing greater clarity to developers as to which standards apply to them.

“GBI applauds Miami-Dade County for the inclusion of Green Globes certification in an open market to promote choice,” said Vicki Worden, GBI’s President & CEO. “GBI will continue to support Miami-Dade County in its pursuit of sustainable, healthy, and resilient buildings through science-based criteria and accessible third-party assessments.” GBI has certified over 34 million square feet in Florida under Green Globes certification and Guiding Principles Compliance verification for federally owned buildings.

GBI’s reputation for excellence has been earned by applying a tailored approach to certification. GBI pairs project teams with highly qualified third-party assessors from the earliest stages of their efforts through onsite assessment and walk-through and delivery of a customized final certification report. All assessors have significant experience in the design and operation of sustainable buildings. GBI’s Green Globes interactive software allows building owners to monitor and compare performance for individual buildings or across portfolios.

GBI is pleased to offer education and support to interested A/E/C firms, sustainability consultants and building owners pursuing Green Globes certification. Please contact info@thegbi.orgto schedule a meeting or presentation.







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