HelioScope updates functionality within its PV project overlay tool


HelioScope updated its program to provide its own enhanced overlay tool and is no longer compatible with SketchUp or dependent on KMZs. Users can upload any jpg, jpeg, or png via its new overlay tool (as well as still being able to upload KMZ and KML), which also makes it possible to resize, move, stretch and rotate overlays as much as you need all within the browser.

“We have been planning to move away from SketchUp for a while, and the breaking change on their end made it a perfect time to make it official,” the company noted in its announcement. “For those who were used to using SketchUp, the good news is that we have active solutions to replace its functionality. A shading environment built with keepouts and field segments in HelioScope can generate hourly shade simulations, while SketchUp will only produce monthly shade patterns. Additionally, the new overlay tool makes SketchUp’s alignment issues and KMZ creation difficulties a thing of the past.”

Here’s a walkthrough of the new overlay tool.

— Solar Builder magazine

[source: http://solarbuildermag.com/news/helioscope-updates-functionality-within-its-pv-project-overlay-tool/]






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